6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

Another B.S. Day


What’s B.S.? I say it’s when you really had a BAD DAY and you can’t get the logic of it all… 
About everything! About anything! And still THINGS DON’T MATTER your way.
BULLSHIT as it is known by everyone… I say it’s B.S.I was never a B.S type of person… But I can be as such… Just don’t threaten me. Don’t put me in a situation wherein things are on it’s BOILING POINT and apparatus are ready to explode your way. I just wanted to settle things the civilized way, when it comes to different stuffs… I hate bashing around and hating myself for being so bitchy (( in a way, you’ll hate me for some who hasn’t seen the real me ))

Things right now, really aren’t the same as before… I can positively say that THINGS are responding to me, it wasn’t against me. With a LIFE like mine… I am proud to say that since 2007 paved it’s way in OUR lives, I didn’t sniff or even whiff trouble… But as most people would say… IT’S THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU, WHO ARE CAUSING TROUBLE…

Very, very true… I won’t be amused if as such will happen… It was never too different from what I’ve been through and what I’ve been on before… I won’t argue with anyone here… For this matter, I respect – I certainly respect other people’s view, but I hope they’ll respect mine either.

I guess some were born a FIGHTER… Some were born as literally MAN – and in my own perceptions – were born and raised as MAN but never really had a BALLS for anything that they should be on in… Some were born a CHATTERBOX who knows nothing but nag and brag about things and on an instance were they’re already face-to-face with their opponents, all they know is TURN their backs and WALK AWAY… Even say they’re SORRY – but it was NEVER EVER SINCERE… What an IDIOT?!?! 

So pathetic for a person like them… I wish, for a people like I was describing… They’ll have the ability to BASK… To relax in a pleasant warmth… To enjoy life as it was given to us… As it was derived, infered, as how it was brought to us…

FACE YOUR FEARS… Don’t be such a COWARD or TIMID… It’s never too late!!!

** One more thing… Let’s not keep on BAD-MOUTHING other people behind their back, IT WON’T DO US ANY GOOD…

To those people who’ve been good to me all through the past years, a BIG THANKS…
To those who broke my heart and tried to unnerve me, THANKS anyway… I know everything happens for a reason and whatever that is, I leave it up to HIM…
To those who HATED ME, or maybe in a way CURSED ME, THANKS…
You made me realize that I am good beyond my IMPERFECTIONS.
To those whom I offended in any way, I’m sorry… I hope you understand…




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