6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Life has different meaning, definitions… Some would say,
“It’s just a LIFE…”
“It’s the way we live and how we do things constantly everyday..”
“It is the quality that distinguishes a vital and functional being from a dead body.”
Some would say, “It’s typical… hard… sublime… absurd… the usual…”I say, LIFE is DIFFICULT. For sometimes, we’re on TOP and most of the times – “BELOW” and thinking that LIFE is so UNFAIR… That we might just be ordinary and take things the way we want it to be. The way, we walnt to walk our line. But sometimes, we just thought of the traditional ways, culture and the traditions that we follow, that we were all used to.

Life for me is ORDINARY… We may think that we’re so down that we can’t rise up any longer. We sometimes think that, “Why can’t we just all BE RICH & FAMOUS and get the things we want in life… The luxe and the lifestyle of someone who was born with a silver spoon on his/her mouth?” But, life ain’t always like that…

Life is DIFFICULT, but BEAUTIFUL… We may face a lot of circumstances… A lot of different things may trouble us but that shouldn’t stop us from “MOVING ON”, “STANDING UP STRAIGHT”, “CARRY OUR OWN WEIGHT” – because moping around and putting yourself in a condition and situation were you’re depressing yourself too much are going nowhere. I’m saying this not just to inspire everybody or anyone to live life fully and more worthy but because that how my life was and will always be…

I’ve had LIFE LESS ORDINARY… I constantly say that, that’s “Life as we all know it…” When things suddenly fall apart or great things started to rise… But I’m living a life less ordinary… Coz sometimes, it’s like I’m on a rollercoaster ride… That things happened so fast that from a glimpse and with just one flick of your finger you’ll see yourself alone and can’t bear the things that are happening to you and your life… That, one day I woke up with this smile from ear to ear because I felt so loved – but as I didn’t expect things to be things will happen opposing to how you great you woke up and you’ll find yourself so down and just want to end your day and sleep again. For wee all think, sleeping will be a great help and it can prevent us from doing things that we shouldn’t be doing…

LIFE for me was NEVER A GAME… LIFE is LOVE… It is passion… It’s how we love ourselves to be able to offer, give and improve SELF-ESTEEM. It’s how we should love one another… Love one’s lives, one’s soul, one’s heart, one’s mind and be productive… Life is BEAUTIFUL… Some just can’t see it…


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