6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


WHO’S EDERLYN?! *lmao* We all don’t know, who the hell EDERLYN is… I remember when my cousin Jensen has been forwarding different text messages to me about that EDERLYN… I just damn ignore her… It was annoying for me when a month or so before December 2006 paved it’s way then…I’ll be receiving 18 messages all about EDERLYN, which all my life not even my virtually I’ve know… It was irritating, but when people started to talk about that EDERLYN, that’s when things decided to create different things inside my head…

My cousin Jensen is not a straight or let’s say the “Hottie On The Loose” type of guy. He’s somewhat belonging to the Third World… In short, he’s GAY and COUNTING…In Analytic Psychology Carl Jung stated the Personalities of Men and Women… The personas were ANIMA and ANIMUS… Wherein he defined:
ANIMA – an inner feminine part of the male personality and 
ANIMUS – an inner masculine part of the female personality

I personally thought that EDERLYN was just pre-made by my cousin Sen… The layout and the way the message was formed was exactly like him… I dunno, but I first thought of him when I started receiving text messages that involved the name EDERLYN! *lol* How lame it is for me to think of that! For a while, I thought that EDERLYN text messages are a hoax it’s preposterous… Whoever created her has had this foolish and absurd mind. But still, creative, for the person behind that EDERLYN managed to see the success that he/she has started! EDERLYN’s LARGER that LIVE!!!

* Ui, invited daw tayo sa birthday ni ederlyn bukas. kita kita na lang tayo dun. text text na lang. – ace 
sino ba yun? kilala mo? finorward lang sa kin eh! hehe!

Oist,bat d ka ngpunta sa bday ko? andun kaming lahat. Tatampo ko syo, parang d k nasabihan 😦-ederlyn

I received that kind of message a few days after my cousin Jensen celebrated his birthday last December 28… What a coincidence?!? I say, I thought I had this misconception with regards to his invitation…*

Sa mga tao p0ng ngtatan0ng at hndi nakakakilala kay ederlyn, girlfriends ko po xa.-ARMAN

Cno na nman b ito?! Nangengelam pa!

So FUNNY coz, now what popped inside my thoughts was “WOW!!! May BF pala ang lucrexiang EDERLYN na ito?!! Dinaig pa ang beauty ko!!! BUSET” *lol* But that was really FUNNY coz it’s not only EDERLYN who’s FAMOUS! Also ARMAN! So to summarize the EDERLYN text CRAZE, everytime I hear the name ARMAN, even if it’s just someone that I met from an event, I can’t help myself but BURST OUT laughing!!!

* Guys,e2# n ederlyn 09267051080,pwd p dw humbol,ngt2mpo n xa,bt d nyo mn lng dw bnati,txt nyo n lng.ngatz!-almira,cuz n ederlyn,(2do na 2) lmalaki n angkan nla!

* guys,dhl d kau nkpnta s bday ni ederlyn…
Sna sa ksal nmen mkpnta kau! bka kc 2lyn n xa mgtmpo..
-rex,boyfrnd ni ederlyn…

ay kaloka!!! REX nman ngayon! C Arman ba o c Rex?

Mind you guys! Now I say, TO THE MAXIMUM LEVEL na ang CAREER ni EDERLYN!!! Umaariba!!! Di man sa TV, grabe naman na ang ISSUES sa kanya through text!!! KaWINDANG ever… And, 2 pala ang BF niya!? Now, I’m thinking how’s Arman after being dumped! *lol* That doesn’t stop there…*

Gud pm. Naiwan kc ni sEn ung fone nya sa car ko. Dnt kn0w where 2 cntact her… So ive decided 2 txt lahat nsa fonebuk nya. Cencya n.-ederlyn

That text message, bothered me at first!!! So, right then & there I thought that maybe… “MAYBE” Sen, my cousin has been by any means acquainted to EDERLYN! *lol* But nope… He’s not… I even texted him and asked him, “WHO THE HELL IS EDERLYN?” And his reply was,”Sorry sis… Di ko din kilala” *lol* Dammit!!! So, I decided to forward that EDERLYN message and replaced the name sEn after me… MaTs… *lmao*

* Guys..Wala na c ederlyn, iniwan na nya tau!Huhuhu! 😥 let’s pray f0r her soul.-bogart,mimay,almira,clarissa,at kung cno2 pa..


I forwarded that message to everyone on my list on my Globe phone… My friend Cristina even responded, “Hay salamat! Patay na si Ederlyn! Tapos na ang kahibangan sa text! Bwahaha!!!” I also received a message from my MOM saying, “Oo,patay na si EDERLYN at pinaglalamayan na, magsama kayong dalawa ng baklang JENSEN na yan! Mga wala kayong magawa sa buhay” – That one was a hit for me! I was expecting other person’s name actually, coz the night I received that message… There really is someone who passed away at our place…*

“SINO SI EDERLYN?” text promo!..win a chance to meet nd greet EDERLYN LIVE!!!

Just text EDERLYN<space>GUESS and send to 2366. Text na!!!

That message was a blockbuster! Coz my friend Cristina replied and said, “Mat, akala ko ba patay na si EDERLYN! Nampootah!!!” *lmao* Bonggaxious! Meron pang TEXT PROMO!!! So EDERLYN really is a GLOBE Subscriber!!! Making great things possible daw kasi… So my Virtual and Real life friends GEE and CHARLES were like ecstatic and a bit curious what EDERLYN looks like… GEE, on the otherhand was busy browsing and scanning FRIENDSTER when she saw and discovered that EDERLYN has a friendster account!!! EDERLYN DIMACUYCOY!!! A hoax, EDERLYN is!!!

* NAGBABAGANG REBELASYON. mdaming ngttnong! Kinukuwesty0n ang pgkatao nya!Ngayn, handa n syang humarap s publiko at sagutin lahat ng ktanungan s knya.ilalabas n din nya ang knyang hinnakit s diumanong nilangaw n bday celebrati0n nya.
EDERLYN, bbsgin n ang kthmkan.

FAMOUS EDERLYN!!!! Really, she is LARGER THAN LIVE!!! Live Interview at THE BUZZ!!! Crazy as HELL!!! *lmfao* I bet, whoever that EDERLYN is, TRUE or NOT… Whoever is behind that TEXT Messages! You’re such a genius! You’ve made all people talk about her and the best was! Even on the columns of the newspapers! 

* Sa mga d pmunta s bertday ng unica hija k0,andameng npanis n putahe,sa su2n0d mgp2sb kau kng d kau d2tng…-mrs.Edilberta (ermat ni ederlyn) hala lag0t..

Okay, whether you guys, like it or not, THAT ONE was HILARIOUS!!! Everytime I read that message, I can’t help but laugh! The part where I really burst out was the “HALA LAGOT..” *laughs*

* Ui sEn dinNer tau 2mrw.. I’L pick u up ar0und 7pm.. Paalm kna ha..-Ederlyn
utang na loob!!! magpatahimik ka Ederlyn!!!

* New word in the dictionary:
EDERLYN-a word meaning mysteri0us.eg:
i d0nt know what’s in her mind. she seldom speaks. she’s so ederlyn. hehehe! =p

She’s so EDERLYN!!! I know a person like her!!! SHE’S SO EDERLYN!!!*PAMILYA CRUZ:
Edgar Cruz-45yo tatay
Edilberta Cruz-39 yo nanay
Mga anak:
Ederlyn Cruz-18 yo
Edgar Cruz, jr-24 yo
Cheverlyn Cruz-28 yo
Emerlyn Cruz-12 yo
Ederloo Cruz-8 yo

sam perkinson-houseboy nila ederlyn
bruno:aso ni ederlyn

luisito-solid manli2gw ni ederlyn(since 7 yrs old cla)
arman-ksalukuyang bf
melencio-umaapilang “bf daw”

* Pg nagyaya bko ng outing sa puerto galera ssma ka?? 6 na cgurado ssma e..

* “tang ‘na mo,EDERLYN! Pikon n pikon na ‘ko sa’yo! Hindi na nakatutuwa ‘yang messages mo?”-ROX(walang koneksy0n kay ederlyn)

Some are even trying to invent a text messages too… Guess, because they’re so freaking SICK and TIRED of that EDERLYN!!! Dammit!!! But for some, it’s just their first encounter with those EDERLYN stuffs! *lmao*

* mahal, nndyan b s arman? kng wla, kta tau s bhay nyo..-brian, ang kabit n ederlyn

ang ganda n ederlyn, my kbit p cia!

This one’s HILARIOUS!!! I SWEAR!!!

* “kakasuhan ang gumamit ng pangalan ng client ko. Text messages will now be monitored!– atty candido lakasta (atty ni ederlyn) umabot na sa korte! itigil na kasi pagforward!

* “andyan ka ba sa inyo? punta ako dyan mamaya ha? nandito na yung order mo eh, XL na panty d ba?”- thelma (avon dealer ni ederlyn!)!!!!
—-> bbwwaahaha!!!

* Pictures sa Party ni Ederlyn
pinadala ni Aling ester na finorward kay bogart 
Dahil sya ang celebrant syempre nakapula sya

syempre para surprise click the link

So EDERLYN issues didn’t end there… There’s this rumor around GLOBE Message Board saying that there’s a binocular, and the person was asking if guys were able to receive an email from EDERLYN looking for ARMAN.A viral marketing strategy of the Telecommunications Company or just plain old text jokes by TEXT ADDICTS? *lol* It all started about EDERLYN inviting her friends to a party were in she also stated on text message who (the names) of her friends who could make it… But of course, as to my own perception… There’s one message who was misroutedly sent to someone and coz of that the people who are happily enjoying their UNLIMITED TEXTINGS, responded on the one message about EDERLYN’s party… Till it, multiply… For some, they say it’s TRUE, it really happened… EDERLYN’s a true person… But for MOST, they say it’s only a PRACTICAL JOKE, pure fun stuffs… Poor EDERLYN…

One thing’s for sure… GLOBE, SMART or SUN’s happy with the success of this EDERLYN…



  pio wrote @

kaaliw naman ang pamilya ni ederlyn

  matsocampo wrote @

Naaliw tyo, but there are “some” na di naaaliw kay Ederlyn! *lol*

  icezorg wrote @

more ederlyn quotes here: http://www.txtbuff.com/category/funny/ederlyn/

  L.A wrote @

Haha cheet i really h8 edrelyn ang sikit nya noh?

  My Kids Planet wrote @

This is very nice and informative post. I have bookmarked your site in order to find out your post in the future.

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