6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

Everything That Matters

I have been doing a lot of recollections upon waking up. And one that keeps on reminiscent to me was LIFE’S TOO SHORT. And that really is true!

Early this morning we received a call from my Uncle who’s at Speaker Perez, Quezon Ave. He informed his son, my cousin to be brief, that his ex-brother-in-law called him and told him that his brother from Bicol fainted. That my Uncle lose consciousness and up to the time he gave us a call telling about what happened my Uncle hasn’t been concious yet… My Uncle told my cousin that we have to tell my Tita and Dad about their brother who was too far from them and what actions they should do.

From my own perception, My Uncle has been subtle for some time now. My Dad and my Aunt has been doing all the thinkings for a while… He’s the one, who has this contact at my Uncle’s province, why can’t he just use all his branches and reach out to them so as to get and keep in touch with my Uncle who’s very ill… He’s got all the connections. From all of them who are left here in the world, living, breathing it’s only the three of them here in the City who can be in touch with and he’s the eldest among them. Why can’t he just make a bit, “just a bit” of disposition at least if not for himself… At least for their brother who’s in need… Who’s health is very critical at the moment?

I say now that everything in LIFE is TEMPORARY. No matter how hard we hang on in, we can’t just hang on from there forever. We never really know how long we’ll be spending time alive with our beliefs and most especially with our loved ones. We can never really tell, NEVER…

I’ve always used this phrase for so long and it never runs out my mind and heart and just like what everyone here is sharing, this I share or partake with everyone…

We have only one life to live… Let’s make the most of it… AS IF, THERE IS NO TOMORROW…

I just hope that whatever it is that my Uncle has been going through right now, he and his family will be able to surpass it… We only pass by this stage only once and I know if there has been any differences, it is never too late for a change… It is never too late for everything. It doesn’t matter when, where or how, what matters is “NOW”. I believe that whatever is his task right now – may it be unfinished or done, I say he’s still worthy of another chance to prove himself to his family… He’s worthy of spending more time right where he is now…

Worst comes to worst… I say that, “The greatest pain in life is not to die, but to be ignored.” 
It is the feeling of being ignored or being neglected…

Some instances are as follows:
It is more painful when you’re on a situation were you already lose the person you loved the most and still no one doesn’t seem to care at all… 
* It’s when someone you care about so much throws a party and doesn’t tell you about it…
* It is
TO HAVE PEOPLE THINK THAT YOU DON’T CARE, when right deep inside you, YOU DO… 

“The greatest pain in life, is not to die, but TO BE FORGOTTEN…”
* It is to be left in the dust after another’s great achievement…
* To never get a call from a friend, just saying “HI” when he / she can anytime…
* It is, when you show someone your innermost thoughts and they laugh in your face.
* For friends to always be TOO busy to console you when you need someone to lift your spirits.
When it seems like the only person WHO CARES ABOUT YOU, IS YOU… 

Life is full of pain, but does it ever get better? Will people ever care about each other, and make time for those who are in need?

Each of us has a part to playing this GREAT SHOW WE CALL LIFE. Each of us has a duty to mankind… It’s to tell all the persons who are close to our hearts and the persons we call our friends, that WE LOVE THEM…


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