6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

songs playing

Eto, di na pag-iisipan ng mabuti toh!!! LSS na naman! *lol* I just saw Jessica Simpson’s “I Belong To Me” on MTV… I kindda loved her there! Honestly… 🙂 I think Jessica Simpson’s a bit stupid… Sorry for all the Jessica lovers out there… *lol* Pero, when I saw this Video! Wow! I can see that there’s something in her that improved! Guess that would be how she projects in front of the cam, more natural plus I love the song and the lines of the song itself…

Another one playing right now is Welcome To The Black Parade… Akin ko ngayong binabalik-balikan ang QUEEN! Mabuhay ka Fredy Mercury! I super love Bohemian Rhapsody… Kahit kanino pa sigurong version! Lame me! I even listened and bought a CD of The Braids just for that song! My Chemical Romance’s, Welcome To The Black Parade has the same but not the exact flow of the Bohemian Rhapsody but still, parang nabuhay ang QUEEN! My gawd! What is sooo wrong with me?

Famous Last Words… I just love it! Wala na lang kokontra… I first read it from sa Boards where I do Role-Play, Storm Large (from Rockstar: Supernova) – I’ve met somebody who was role-playing Gerary Way and Mikey Way!! Fun right? They’re from MCR (My Chemical Romance) – we had this “What Are You Listening” thread and I saw this Mikey posted that title there, so right there and then, I opened my limewire and downloaded it… I didn’t even bother to listen to it! Lame (again!!!) – But the other night, my cousin was watching myx and I saw MCR. And I was like, “famous last words” yan! And di naman ako nagkamali! It was!!!  “i am not afraid to keep on living, i am not afraid to walk this world alone, honey if you stay, i’ll be forgiving, nothing you can say can stop me going home.”

Katharine McPhee’s – Dangerous… I never really liked her! Kahit nung sa American Idol Season 5! Never!!! I used to tease my friend Paolo for liking her… Coz I personally placed my bets for Taylor Hicks! But this song is sooo, SOMETHING!!! From the song: “dangerous! he’ll steal your heart away, then run & play… he’s dangerous! protect your heart, he’ll tear it apart.” I LOVE IT!!! Wag ng alamin, why… Hahaha! But just last year, I had a sweet revenge sa lalaking, nanggago at nanloko sa kin! He’s such a dickhead!!! *lmao*

Littlest Things by Lilly Allen… Guys, girls!!! A-Must-Have ito… No joke… Pero kung ayaw niyo, di ko kayo, pipilitin! Try niyo lang… I have this entry days earlier and you can check it out there! I swear, love ko yun!

Taylor Hicks’, Do I Make You Proud… Superb!!! He’s my favorite and I say, kahit last year pa yung carrier single na yan, hinding-hindi mawawala yan sa Track list ko sa cellphone! That’ll be my song for my Dad! Damn it!

Irreplaceable by Beyonce! For the guys who always think that women can’t replace them for anything or anyone kahit na niloloko lang nila, WAKE UP!!! Di kami pinanganak kahapon! Bwaha!!! *lol*

Can’t Bring Myself To Light The Fuse and It’s All Love by RS: Supernova… 2 thumbs up for these 2!!! I burned this CD and labelled it as “SOUNDTRIP” – I do have this mini player sa bathroom, and all the songs I noted here are all in there! I have to finish the whole damn CD bago mo ko mapalabas sa paliguan!

Save Room by John Legend… Napaghahalata na bang Hopeless Romantic ako? (I hope di pa naman) Hahaha! Pero sa totoo lang… Addicted to Love ako eh… Ang love lang ang hindi! *lol* Joke!

But jokes are half-meant! Bakit ba kasi, kung sino ang gusto mo, yun naman ang may ayaw… Yung di mo gusto, yun ang may gusto? BUSET!!!

Nina’s Someday… For some, sabi nila bitter daw ang song… Pero, for me… It’s not… Totoo lang naman yun… Kahit ako, sinabi ko yan sa sarili ko nung nalaman ko na niloloko ako ni Kulas! (buset na yun, 4 daw kami na pinagsabay-sabay? Ano naman tingin niya sa amin, Isaw, Barbeque, Fishball?!?) *lol* Right after my relationship with him, I met this guy and really – he’s worth everything!

Toby Rand’s, Mr. Brightside (the Killers cover) and Somebody To Love… Rakista ba ako?! Nah! I just adore him! He got me so loca!!! He’s hawttie on the loose! And coz of addiction, I made this personal theme for my cellphone which I purely dedicate to him! (buset! adik na ko sa kanya!!!)

Keane’s Bend & Break and Everybody’s Changing (+) 2 more songs by him pa… Somewhere Only We Know and This Is The Last Time… Inspiring for me!!!

Stuck In A Moment by U2… This one keeps me going! This is soo fucking true!!! I dunno why others don’t like this song… But in search for reality, I know some will see themselves as to how the lines of the song were sung…

Letter To Cleo’s (which I know not the name of the Band na) I Want You To Want Me. I know familiar kayo dito… But that’s exactly ME! That song, is so damn ME! Sing it na din, for those who know it! Cheers y’all!

That’s all for now… Yan lang naman talaga ang nasa playlist ko eh… Hahaha! Till my next! Sorry, sa formation ng songs… Random lang eh… Peace!!!


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