6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

on assuming…

If there’s one word that I will never use in a certain situation… It would be the word “assume”
Some may use it as frequent as they can… Like:

“assuming lang naman…” “inassume na niya agad…” “kasi i assumed na…” blah blah-blah! Well… So worn out na yang word na yan.

Before, for me, it’s like you assume things to happen… assume that this guy or girl likes you din…

There’s this guy who taught me his definition of the word “ASSUME”. He’s a close friend and for once I kindda fancy him *lolx* Well, I guess, when I was on the stage of liking him, I kindda assumed din… So there you go…

The meaning… “ASS” so he said, it was like, I’m making an ass or sh*t between “U” and “ME”… So have you figured it out? Well, i didn’t find it hard figuring things out. So there goes the word “ass” and linked with “u” and “me”

Most likely… IT IS TRUE… It’s as easy as saying, we’re more of assuming things instantly and not think about it… That’s how it happened. More like, you were never really together as a couple but in the other end, you were like hanging into someone you know, you will never really have. I don’t know, a simple word yet I’m just making it complicated.

But true to what happened and what will happen, I’ve always said not to assume things na lang. Coz in the mere end, I might end up in pain or hurting coz I assumed things, way out of my league. Simple as, “Feeling mo kayo na, pero di naman pala…” Right?

Well, just sharing another thought… *winks* If you can’t agree with me, fine… We all are but individuals here and have differences… aytee?


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