6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


That’s how I call him… CLOUD… He used to call me “Nice” sweetness… Oh damn! Now, I am reminiscing and looking back on those moments (again!!!) and I hate it! So why all of a sudden I thought of him? Let’s just say or let me put it this way…

It was his birthday last January 24. He turned sooo darn old! Old enough to be my “kuya” *lol* … I’ve always been attracted to so someone really “older” than me… But the thing is, WE JUST CAN’T SIMPLY BE… Guess, you all know what I mean. I was just soo freaking busy staring at our pics!!! And now I found myself so darn EMPTY again!!! Grrrr… This isn’t good… Hehehe!

Anyways, I was 3rd year college when I met him. He’s a La Salle – Zobel graduate.  He’s close friends with my Kuya… And for the nth time, this isn’t the first time that I fell head over heels in love with a friend close to my Kuya!!!

We all know that and I well aware with the Filipino Tradition such as “hindi kami talo” – and so what if not!? As if I care, that much! But what I’m trying to utter here is that at least we won’t be asking ourselves “what might have been” at least fo that matter… *mopes around*

Kaasar! I shouldn’t have read that “Finding the one” by Rex… Uhmmm…. Anyway, I was just like thinking, maybe if we ended up together I am Mrs. Santos now. Haha! I guess so… He likes me, I like him… So what’s the deal… It’s hard being friends with someone close to you coz you don’t know what you are putting at stake. And I really don’t know…

Enough said! I was just like “trying to get the feeling again” – Our Bar Nights, our hang outs at his place or my place… The sweet nights we spent both together with our friends… It’s just nice looking back at those times. Were I once told him that “on the day of your birthday, get ready for a surprise” – he was like so ecstatic to know what that surprise is! So to break his thunder, I told him that it has something to do with Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie’s flick, Gone In 60 seconds. It’s just a scene on that movie were Jolie kissed Cage and that’s the surprise!

He loves surprises (so much!) – but that night were the two of us are both cranked! I asked him to walk me back at our car. Coz me and my friends are leaving any minute… He walked me (he was such a total gentleman – for his age!!!) – so I hopped in at the passengers seat, he was like “where’s your promise?” – I was “uhmmm… what’s that you were saying?” I chuckled for a second and with a blink of an eye I saw him walking away going back to his place, and I was like “shush! hey! come back here…” – and just before I knew he was right in front of me and he’s like this cute puppy who wants to be cuddled. Awww…

I just game him a couple of smoochies! Just that! And from the look on his face… He was a bit disappointed coz the smooches weren’t the ones that Jolie and Cage shared on that movie… It’s way different. So to break the ice, I dunno… It just happened… It was like, MAGIC… I felt like floating! And he suddenly grabbed me by hands and whispered, “let’s go back and tell them, we’re officially on.” He cupped my hand into his… Intertwined… The empty spaces in between our fingers were suddenly filled. And it felt heaven. I swear…

But I’m much too drunk and crazy that night! I dunno what happened next… All I know was after 10 minutes I was on our way back to Manila coming from Ayala Alabang Village… I received a text from him saying, “thanks for the kiss! that’s the best ever” I didn’t reply… The next day, he called at home and asked me if I saw or was able to keep his cellphone…

Oh!!! What a luck!!! So there… The last time saw him was August last year. He was on crutch. But, I can say… “The magic’s still there” I just dunno what’s been missing…

TORPE lang talaga siguro ang Allan na yun… *sighs* What’s our song anyways? It’s HEY by Fatima Rainey, SAILING of Christopher Cross & Side A’s Ang Ating Awitin… That I dunno, I’ll ask him… *giggles* Tama na ang kalandian! Haha!

He celebrated his birthday last night, I didn’t come! *lol* I didn’t even greet him… But, I WILL NOW…


cloud & nice

A lot has changed anyways… I was 3rd year college when I met him

I was 4th year college when we dated…

How was it? *diediedie* Hahaha!!!




  REX wrote @

so kasalanan ko pa ngayon? hehehe! =p

  matsocampo wrote @

hehehe! hindi naman sa ganun… 😀
u inspire me! 😀

  Marge wrote @

aww.. katouch ang love story.. uyy.. sayang sis..

  geexie wrote @

love love love….. hayyy… dayum!

  matsocampo wrote @

hmmm… mas gugustuhin ko muna siguro na BLANK muna ako…
wahaha! jokeness…

ka-CHAT ko siya kanninnaaaaa!!!
naTense ako…


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