6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Am I?

I AM! Hahaha! Woke up 9pm tonight. I wasn’t able to catch up with friends online coz I have to sleep… I was like “up” for hours and it was so annoying (I gotta tell you) – it may be normal or a regular mode for me but earlier I felt not so myself and I just hate the silence inside the house…

Everybody’s out and the house is all by myself alone! Good thing, when I got on I saw that Paolo was online too. So as not to BORE myself I explored the “net” again. Too busy scanning and browsing every researches I’ve found regarding Cody, the greatest coder in the proboards security with seemingly endless pool of creativity in art coding life… I just suddenly felt the urge of  searching why he’s gone too soon. I just felt bad about him. Too young and such a great talent in him…

It was Paolo whom I heard the news from. I just don’t want to believe him. But becase of some announcements from the board, I say it’s true. I totally feel their grief (his family, friends)… I searched all the other boards and read all their sympathies and condolences and how sorry they were… And I felt their grief .

Anyway, enough of California… The more I thought of it, the more I am beginning to be curious (again)…

Glad that I’ve chatted with Paolo though… He told me about what happened on his solo on their Church. He sang “You Raise Me Up” – the people were carried away by Pao’s song. His brother Nico recorded his “solo” actually and I can’t wait for it. That Josh Groban song is one of my favorites from his song list and I can’t wear to hear Paolo’s…

Anyway I had my breakfast and lunch today… 🙂 Ain’t that new? Cool! Coz, it is…

Around 2 afternoon one of my buyer arrived and checked on the puppy that I advertise. The asking price was 3.5k, but I gave him the puppy for 3k… I just want the pups to have more safe home now… I have lots of puppies and “dogs” and I can’t handle much of them anymore… I just hate seeing them one by one going… It’s like I’m giving them away… I hate that feeling, that I have to hide somewhere just not to see my buyer and my pup leaving…


That’s why the last minutes I spent online, I was so slaggish… Mixed emotions of me being so sluggish… Sleepy and the sadness of seeing one of my pups gone away and some people (whom I don’t know personally) taking them away from me…

It has a different compensation… Distinct profit, coz it was something you’ve learned to love that you’re giving away…


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