6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Some addictions… RANDOM addictions… 🙂 RANDOM stuffs I CAN’T live without…

  • Canus Goat’s milksoap… can be bought at SM Mall of Asia and all Beauty Bar outlets… 😉
  • Beauty Shop’s Lip and Cheek Stain and Glow Enhancer 😉
  • CHOCOLATES, all different types except the minty chocolates and the ones white coconut…
  • Chocomani, Goody, Mini-Pretzels… A few local brands that I super like to munch…
  • Lervia Milk Soap… Very well done! (matigas pa… unlike other brands of soap, na nababali agad…)
  • Dove Mosturizing & Exfoliating Soap… The best ever, especially now na super lamig ng panahon that it has the tendency to dry our skin…
  • The O.C. FANATIC… Waiting ako now for the Season 4 complete DVD set…
  • FRIENDS fanatic!!! Til now… I don’t care whether I see it on the cable while I was busy skipping channels… Have a complete 50+ DVDs, Season1 to Season10…
  • Baliw na COLLECTOR ng DVD… Whether dvdx or original… Kapag wala sa mga debede, sa Astrovision… So desperate na noh?
  • Loves to collect notebooks… Yung mga maKikay talaga…
  • YOSI!!! Marlboro Lights Menthol talaga… But you can see me puffing Peel Orange… That’s great!
  • Not so much in to drinking alcoholic beverages… Mabilis ako mamula… Nagmumukhang tocino or sabi nga ni Archie, kinamot na itlog (fuck! tama ba na yun ang gamitin na description?)
  • CETAPHIL… liquid moisturizing
  • Sunsilk Hair Damage Repair and Palmolive Hair Repair Conditioner… I both use them… Pero alternate… 😉 Am not the type of girl naman kasi who has long shiny hair… Di kagandahan ang hair ko… Often see myself as “Damsel In Distress”
  • Bodyshop’s Body Scrub
  • St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub, the best ever!
  • Colgate Fresh Confidence (the blue one) – Oral B (yung bagong labas na toothbrush) – and Oracare (iba feeling when Oracare’s present)
  • BEAU IDEAL’s papaya soap (my own product and it’s very effective… good for pimples and skin whitening!!!)
  • McDo!!! Quarter Pounder, Chicken McDo, McFlurry!!!
  • i-cool chewing gum
  • BABY RUTH… the mini ones… (yum-yum)
  • undies… 😉
  • flip-flops…
  • addict kasi ako sa PAA eh… I want my feet always clean… 😉
  • open-toes sandals… ladylike talaga!
  • PERFUMES… I have DKNY, Kenzo, Bvglgari pour homme (ang bango!), Bvlgari, eau de blanc, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Burberry, Burberry Baby Touch, Gucci Rush 2, TOVA (best), Lacoste for Women, Armani for Men, J.Lo Still, Tommy Girl, Ralph Lauren Glamorous, Ralph, Raplh Lauren, Victoria’s Secret Garden Heavenly, Lacoste Junior, Nautica for Woman, Perry Ellis 360 pour homme and femme… (and more)
  • I love CUDDLES cotton sqaures and the round ones too
  • I love different scent of Victoria’s Secret lotion and not use it… Mas maganda titigan… But, if I feel like using it, I do of course!
  • I love CALAMARES, I love SHRIMPS, I love CRABS
  • I love steamed fish with shallots, light soysauce and hot olive oil…
  • I love Traditional Kare-Kare and the bagoong that makes it more yummy!
  • I love JAPANESE FOODS! I love sake sashimi…
  • KANI SALAD’s one of my faves!
  • I love CREPES!!!
  • I love sappy movies…
  • Eskinol Dermaclear-C for cleansing…
  • Petroleum Jelly which I use for my dry and chapped lips…
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Lavender and Chamomile baby powder…
  • Petit Cherie Cologne!!!
  • Everything that’s for the babies… Love it!
  • Kamiseta, Bayo, TERRANOVA, Guess, and the likes…
  • Cellphones…
  • Text Addict!!! Certified!!!
  • COKE!!! COKE!!! COKE!!!
  • Mountain Dew and 7-Up
  • Lingeries… Wow!!!
  • CDs, kahit one song lang gusto ko, I wanna have the CD pa din…
  • SHOPAHOLIC!!! I love Shopping! Too addicted and got so hooked up!!!
  • Charms and Crystals bracelets…
  • All-Star, Converse… Chucks!!!
  • Nail Polish, were I don’t use naman that much…
  • Stuffed Toys…
  • Pillows…
  • Bedroom Thingies like comforter and pillow cases!!!
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Starbucks!!!
  • DOGS!!!
  • the Beach!!! Anything Under the Sun and Moonlight!!! Anything in between!
  • Cheetos and Lays… Hmmm…
  • Kinder Bueno and Almond Roca
  • Bags and Shoes!

More to come… I’ll update later… Waaahhh…. I am super ADDICT na talaga!!!


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