6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Waking up and having a good sleep is such a blessing, I swear…

Not a single floating feeling… No matter how heavy the clamor is around – it just doesn’t matter at all…

One things though… I can’t see the point of someone being so “SECRETIVE” and still can’t comply being a clousemouthed individual… How can someone be so obviously like that? It’s just that, I guess “some” people can’t take the pressure of “losing” – pathetic…

There really is nothing wrong hiding your true colors are, it just depends on how you maneuver things… Someone’s way, the way they act, or their manner on their project… Depends on how they project things…

I just don’t like it, when people can be so overly JUDGEMENTAL… There’s nothing wrong being like one… I totally and certainly respect it… But, someone is just getting across someone right now… Much too much of being an ATTENTION-SEEKER…

Attention-seeker who’s hidden under his/her own existence, in a way that he/she doesn’t know that he/she’s becoming so “obvious” on who he/she may be…

That person may have slept so well last night plus the cold weather that gave him/her the chills… That person may have lose the game we both played and because of wanting something so much so bad  she can’t have it – he/she may found him/herself waking up with a hangover…

I also think that a person like that or acting in such a way doesn’t have much friends along with him/her… A piece of advice though… If he/she wants someone that he/she can call a friend… “Dear, madami jan! Piliin mo lang, yung hindi katulad ko or katulad ng isa pang tinitira mo sa board… Alam na kasi namin ang TRUE COLORS mo….”


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