6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

.. sleeping porch ..

Been doing a lot of thinkings actually – and what hit me the MOST is seeing myself VERY lazy today… I just dunno why? I’d presume that it’s the WEATHER…

CHILLING… *sighs* It is… I was kindda waiting last Christmas for a climate or a wave like this… But, unfortunately, it didn’t happen…

I could feel the cold breeze of air on my skin and gently whispering me phrases that’s telling me to, “hush now… give yourself some sleep…”

Honestly, I did what I was told… I did had a long, relaxing and the most tranquil sleep ever… Free from all disturbances… It felt like heaven… The feeling’s way too different compared to the ones I had before the year ended… It was like a lullaby… I could hear Anne Murray singing Brahms Lullaby and before I knew it…

There I was >>> SOUND ASLEEP <<< – It’s the Love Month, yet I’ve been spoiling my day working, doing some stuffs I love doing and not bothering on what my current status is… CRAP!!!

Nah, just kidding… It’s not a crap! I should say, EVERYTHING’s a BLESSING… I can be productive in my own little ways and I am able to help people out with their stuffs as well…

So my life isn’t lame at all… As long as I have a good sleep, nothing else matters…

And oh… I’m not taking anything or what – but the weather actually felt like all the windows inside my room’s are open that it allowed me to sleep in the open air, even when not… I hate fans now! Coz the air it gives is kindda piercing… It makes my skin DRY and I hate it!

Oh well… Now’s a good time to call for a Slumber Party! That’s just an idea… 😉

zZzzzzzz.. (- -,) << me, sleeping… 😉



  Gus (paurong) wrote @

sobrang lamig ng panahon. ano ba talaga ang explanation? nako.

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

nasan na?

  matsocampo wrote @

Dahil natutunaw na raw ang yelo sa Alaska (o Russia) —
Shucks, di ko alam. Pero ung sa Russia, after December totoo, kapag natutunaw ang yelo dun, malamig dito…
Pero, iba na talaga ang LAMIG…

Pero, accdg. sa news, may isang country daw near the equator, na posible mawala because of global warming…


  andianka wrote @

thanks for hopping by my site… hmmm… ako din nagwowonder why ang lamig. imagine, mas ngayon pa ko nagjajacket kesa last december. ‘what the world is coming into?!’ hehehe…

  matsocampo wrote @

ayan.. ANDIANKA!!!
Andito ka nga! Anjan kna!

Oo nga, ako nagpPyjama, dati hindi..
Nasira na talaga natural resources natin…

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

nakakabigla naman! uber shocks ako,…

  Gus (paurong) wrote @


anong ki—-



uu nga.


oo sabi, tadyakan kaya kita.

  matsocampo wrote @

talaga lang huh?

hmf… bayulente ka pala…

Hahaha! 😉

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

there you go. look at my blog.

  matsocampo wrote @

sus… kala ko, matutulog ka na…. hmmm… 😉

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

nabasa mo ba? comment ka naman kasi.

  matsocampo wrote @

si Bry…

  Gus (paurong) wrote @


  matsocampo wrote @

Akala ko ba IAN? At meron ng Jen…

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

It’s not Waiting Shed naman e. It’s My First Kiss…

  matsocampo wrote @

Your FIRST KISS nga…

Nagulat ako kasi, while I was reading, I was waiting for IAN’s name…

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

mukhang di mo binasa.. sino ang speaker ng kwento?

  matsocampo wrote @


  Gus (paurong) wrote @

hindi ko naman first kiss yun e..

  matsocampo wrote @

Oo nga… It’s Jen who was actually narrating there…
FICTION lang yun…

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

yeah yeah yeah…
adnes nesa duwa iva, sang’gre mats?

  matsocampo wrote @

Anu un? Di ko nagetz?

  mikmik wrote @

padaan ha? wawawweeeeeeeee!

  Gus (paurong) wrote @

antagal mo namang mag-online.. inaantok na ko.

  andianka wrote @

hanep ang trip dito ah… eto na ba ang latest tag board? hehehe…

  matsocampo wrote @


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