6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


I hate this call! So fucking hate it! I just hate it! Received a call from Las Vegas! I just hate it, when I receive a call from them! They’re like so INSENSITIVE! How can they be as such?! It’s just so freaking UNFAIR!

They still have their son and daughter here and still not care a bit! But when it comes to “other” people that they just met because of “crap” they’re so fucking swift! I just hate it! They’re like saving a lot of stuffs and can send bunch of bucks to that “girl” but can’t seem to get a grip with the loved ones or family they left here! oh CRAP!!!

Why am I even dawdling here on the phone! UGH!!! I just can’t stand it! I just hope they know the pain the people are feeling here! Seems like they’re laughing at someone who’s in pain! They’re not responsive, they’re not susceptible! I JUST so FUCKING hate them!

What a suffering!?

 *** A pic from “ONCE” a happy thought… Once a FAMILY… Once a BARKADA!!! Just when you thought that someone from your circle is leaving but still uttered that “He won’t forget” just make you proud and say, “THAT’S HIM” – But where’s that line he once tagged? Wow!!! Totally all so over to himself and not care a bit!!!


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