6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Oh well, what more can I stress now? I guess, I’m left with sweet memories… Places we both used to go to… Things we used to do together… Songs we both used to sing our hearts out… Simple words we used to utter…

All of those were just a memories… Memories that I will forever cherish… A memory, once was mine and will forever be a memory…

Dammit! “MEMORIES” Too many memories that will remind me of him… A love that once blossomed and just that… Till there…



  geexie wrote @

aw! ate mats, i’m currently ranting the same… MEMORIES… dayum! I so hate this feeling… * sighs

  matsocampo wrote @

UGH!!! Dammit! Pati ikaw?!
Kung kailan V-DAY na?!
GOSH!!! I so hate it too!!!

  geexie wrote @

ket nmn ganun? we don’t deserve to be happy ba? hay!

  mica wrote @

The most painful part is reminiscing 😦

Ate Mats mukhang pareho tayo ng dinarama waaaah

  matsocampo wrote @

Sis Gee… We deserve to be happy (somehow) baka minsan, di natin napapansin, na yun na yun… 😦

  matsocampo wrote @

Mics! Astig na di ba? Mei kaShare ka na ngayon! Oh my!!! 😦

  mica wrote @

hahaha oo nga eh 😦

  matsocampo wrote @

Don’t worry girl, we all NEED to MOVE ON…
Kaya, TAKE THINGS EASY LANG muna ako! 😉
And I hope both you and Gee din 😉

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