6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

what the?!

He just greeted me HAFFY VALENTIMES! 🙂

Oh come on! Now’s not the time to be GULLIBLE!!! It was like minutes ago when I posted this entry about me “remembering” him and now…

Oh my Gawd! I just so hate myself a lotta times! Oh well, should I reply or NOT???

If I do, it’s like falling into his trap again… If not, I’m such a sick fool who’s been so INSENSITIVE and stuffs!!!

So… What do you think?

HULAAN niyo na lang kung nag reply ako or not!!! GO!!!



  joe wrote @

Happy Valentines.
Hindi ka nagreply no? hehe

  geexie wrote @

Happy Valentines Day Sis… I think nag-reply k??? am i right? hehe

  matsocampo wrote @

Hmmm… MORE!!! I want more guesses!!! 😉

  mica wrote @

nagreply ka.. or nireplyan mo ng quoties hehe

  Jonell Estillore wrote @

hindi ko alam hindi ko alam!
364 days na lang valentines na!

  matsocampo wrote @

I’ll let you know tomorrow upon waking up!
lashen aku eh! 😉 hik!

  babeekoy wrote @

i like ur page huh.. keep it up gurl.. cheers for the single ones this valentines.. lols

  matsocampo wrote @

For the RECORD!!!
Ayos ba?

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