6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


The cheesy Valentine’s over! Whoo!!! I myself was never into VALENTINES that much – like what others do… I’d rather celebrate my loved ones birthday, my birthday, Christmas and New Year with a blast!

Not that I don’t have someone I could call my own but because I just don’t think it’s special… 😉 I’d rather make every breathing moment of my life a hearts day, for everyday I have the chance to love and be loved in return…

It may not be a loverly love as to everyone and even the LOVE myself is searching for, but as long as I have people around me who loves me for who I am and what I am when I’m with them is enough for me to MOVE ON…

Upon the stage of losing someone you love because of somebody else, doesn’t mean that “we have to end our life where it ended while we were still on the relationship – hanging…” I can now say that, “that chapter of my life has come to its end and I have to continue life and learn more about it… Who knows, someone greater than HE is will come along… If none, I guess that’s how life is and we can never really change it… Maybe we can still change it, (OF COURSE WE CAN) in the right place at right time. Not for now…

I believe that everyones life is a book. No matter how cruel world may be to each and everyone of us doesn’t mean we have to STOP, right there. Rather, we have to stop for a moment and think things over and move on! Move along coz LIFE HAS MORE TO OFFER…

More chances and more people around us who truly cares and who knows… MIGHT LOVE US… 😉



  andianka wrote @

hallooo…well said girl. life is a book. and every day is a new page to fill… every happening is a new chapter… its too early for a happily ever after ending anyway… hehehe… bkit? pag-nasa happily ever after ka na ba, gugustuhin mong matapos na kwento? dba hinde! wahahahaha : )

  Jonell Estillore wrote @

mukhang natamaan ako dun ha.

  matsocampo wrote @

😉 no one likes to have and know a “happily ever after” ending noh!
hi jonell and anka!! 😉

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