6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


elegant, fahionable
typical of or intended for the uper classes

So, what made me thought of writing this entry? Nothing much really… I guess, for quite some time now – I’ve been so “not me” and I feel like a toddler peeved at being refused a cookie. In this matter, COOKIE stands as the FASHION itself…Coz I’ve loved fashion ever since!!! I have a PASSION for FASHION <333

I doubt it’s not gonna change. That’s how I am. Actually, I’m not the typical FASHIONISTA who dresses up everyday and may look weird at times. I’m just in between, swinging between elegance, hip and chic! I actually work 7 days a week but that doesn’t mean that I dress up 24/7! Nah!!! *lol*

I bet if some will me now, they’ll see someone who’s so not all “into herself” – which I’m not, really. I don’t style my hair. I clamped my hair up as the traditional “labandera” hairstyle.

My younger cousins would always wait for me during parties or any occasions that they think I’ll be there. They just can’t wait to see what I’ll be putting on and what I will be wearing. No matter how simple it is that I wore, they compliment and admire me for carrying a fancy clothes. Either I have a grungy or distressed clothes, it doesn’t matter to them.

You may think that I may be as Fashionable as PARIS HILTON. I’m not. I don’t put on make-ups actually. I don’t even know how to apply an eyeshadow!!! I’m usually a damsel in distress. But when it really calls for a “GET UP, DRESS UP” thingies – I’d put on something cool for myself!

I know that I have this certain taste and sense for fashion… I don’t want to exaggerate stuffs just to make myself fashionable… For others who sees me 24/7 – they would frankly say that I’M NUTHIN’ but a CASUAL trend girl… For some times – yeah, maybe I am… But I know that no matter how or what clothes I wear I know that as long as I know I can carry it well, that’s POSH…

It doesn’t matter what type of clothes you wear… It doesn’t matter if it’s a DESIGNER’s stuffs… Branded thingies – but as long as you know how to carry yourself with the wardrobe you chose… The get up you made for yourself… YOU’RE STILL FASHIONABLE IN YOUR OWN WAY…

I don’t want the overly fashion sense… I just want it simple yet elegant… That’s ME… I may not be Pretty but I sure do how to make myself LIKEABLE…

Harhar! *giggles* Hmfffnesss! Taray noh?!


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