6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

Akala mo…

A certain person and once a circumstance occupied my thoughts early this morning before I put myself to sleep. I was once asked if I’ve come face to face with the proclamation of “and they lived happily after” – would I rather have the story to end so soon? Or when every good thing is about to start I’ll have to close the book?

I’ve always been a risk taker all my life. I don’t care what consequences awaits me. I would rather fight for what and who I love. And once I get there I don’t care what trials I’ll have with the person/s involved. I don’t want to be hypocrite and say I don’t dream of happy endings. Who doesn’t right? I do believe in happy endings, but I know that happy endings don’t come so soon, too soon for me to close the book and say “IT’S DONE”. I would rather count the blessings that it will give me. And accept all the spice that will come and shower a relationship.

I was about to sleep, when I thought of a certain person that I’ve once shared my life with. I told him, I love him. And that I have a song for him. Upon him hearing that 3 words, I was used to hearing “I love you more” from him. Instead, he replied, “Oo” – I asked him, “Bakit oo?” And he answered, “EWAN” – right then and there, tears welled from my eyes….

What’s the connection of that issue from my entry? HERE:

Kailan mo masasabi na hindi mo na siya mahal? Yung talagang nakalimutan mo na siya. Kahit magmakaawa siya tatalikuran mo? Hindi mo masabi noh? Dahil ang totoo, makita mo lang siya handa ka ng magpakatanga ulit.It’s hard to hold on to something that you know would never be yours in anyway you think of. You just have to learn to let go and face the fact that while good things never last, some don’t.

A guy and a girl can be “just friends” but at one point or another, one or at some chances both of them will fall for the other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe… Forever.

Always remember that if a person loved you once…even after a hundred years there will still be some of that love no matter how much that person denies it. It’s so hard to show everyone that I’m doing just fine without you when deep inside, I’m not and that I have to smile when I can hardly hold back my sadness cause as far as I can see, you’re doing just fine without me.

I fell for you and I know that it’s not right, that’s why I tried to be over you, tried not to care, tried not to love, but no matter what I do, everytime you’re near, i always say, “Hay, tangina bahala na. Mahal talaga kita eh.”

Sabi nila, hindi ka daw para sa kin. Hindi mo daw ako kayang ipaglaban. Sabi nila hindi ka daw para sa kin. Ginamit at pinaglaruan mo lang daw puso ko.. Pero alam mo sabi ng puso ko? “Kahit ano pang sabihin niyo.. Siya at siya lang ang mamahalin ng pusong toh”

Kunwari masaya ako. Kunwari okay lang ako. Kunwari wala akong problema. Kunwari nasa langit na ako. Okay lang ba kung isipin kong kunwari mahal mo din ako?…. Kunwari lang naman eh.

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever get back together.. But I realized that we’ll never truly be over. In a way, not everything has changed. It’s not that we are not meant for each other.. I think we’re just not ready for forever..

Dati masaya, kaya lang lumayo ka. Hanggang ngayon hindi ko alam kung bakit.. Saan ako nagkamali? Saan ako nagkulang? Andito ako nagtatanong at umiiyak pa, “Minahal mo ba ako? O pinagselos mo lang ang mahal mo?”

What do you do when the one you love does not love you? You wait… What if you wait and still he can’t love you back? You cry.. What if the tears run dry and still he’s not yours? Accept the truth and say goodbye…

Naisip ko, ang daya talaga eh… Eto ako umiiyak habang siya masaya, may kasamang iba… Swerte nitong taong to, iniiyakan ko. Ang pinagtataka ko lang, kahit masakit… Eto pa rin ako… Naghihintay. Isang araw nabanggit ka ng mga kaibigan ko… Sabi nila “Mahal mo na siya talaga noh?” Sabi ko.. “Bakit niyo naman nasabing mahal ko na siya?” Sabi nila halata daw… Sabi ko lang… “Buti pa kayo nahalata niyo..” Masakit kapag iniwan ka nung taong mahal mo.. Pero alam mo bang may mas masakit pa dun? Oo, meron. yun bang bago siya umalis sinabi niya muna… “Sorry ha, akala ko kasi mahal kita…”



  andianka wrote @

ouch…sakit naman nun…ang drama mo ah. pero you know what? no one can truly say whats to happen… its not right to tell you to move on, but its wrong as well to hold on to a false hope. i guess the best thing you can do is not to expect. or, expect for the best not for him. someday, although we don’t know for certain when, you’ll have that next chapter. whether with him, or someone new, this time it’ll be a lot better. that i know. 🙂

  mats wrote @


  Jonell Estillore wrote @

masasabi mo lang na hindi mo na talaga siya mahal kung hindi ka na nasasaktan sa tuwing nakikita mo siyang nag-iisa. ouch. tinamaan na naman ako. kelan nga ba magkakaroon ng “and they lived happily ever after”…

  mats wrote @

No such thing as “Happily ever after…”
If there is, siguro pagkapanaw ng mahal sa buhay na kinasama ng masama *lol*
Kasi, everyday spent with the ones we love – di pwedeng walang “spice” to make it spark and grow or something that will kill the flame… BLAHhhh! Whatevs! 😀

  geexie wrote @

” Eto ako umiiyak habang siya masaya, may kasamang iba…:

O sh*t! Ang unfair nga naman noh? Unfair nga ba?… hayyyyyy… LOVE SUX!

  mats wrote @

UNFAIR sya sis! 😦
Pero, pwedeng nagawa na din natin yun! Huh!? 😉

  anime wrote @

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