6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


A memory of TRUE LOVE is like a favorite SONG; no matter how many times it plays again, you never get tired of it.Love may not make the world go round but its what makes the ride worthwhile… 😉If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you but for some reasons he couldn’t stay, don’t cry too much… Just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he made you happy even for a while.

Bottomline: Time will tell, If he’s yours – he will come back…

Talaga lang noh? That’s how I see things. Really. But now, I say that in some points in my life – I’m real glad that it started coz for others it never was and never been… 😉 (taray!!!)

The greatest regrets in our lives are the risks we did not take. If you think something will make you happy, go for it. Remember that we pass this way only once.

Bottomline: Time don’t wait. If you think you’ve found the right one, treasure him/her. Don’t let him/her go away. Don’t let fear hold you back. Give it a try, else you might regret this later… No one else knows what can truly make you happy.

Now it’s totally proven that MATS is a risk-taker! Yeah, and always been. I’d be a complete hypocrite if I’ll say that “fear didn’t creep me.” Of course I did and I still do and it will forever be a part of what and who I am. But those fears didn’t hinder me from pursuing things or a person. No matter how hard that stuff may be or how long to win a person’s trust or heart, I DON’T CARE. If it will truly make me happy, I will. If nothing happens, at least I won’t end up asking myself what might have been or what could have been. If there’s someone who knows the road to MY happiness it’s just GOD and me. I believe that the only thing I’ll regret in life are the risks I didn’t take. And if I find that one thing that will make me happy, I’ll take the chances and grab it with both hands and to hell with the consequences!

Two tear drops were floating down the river. One teardrop said to the other, “I’m the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him. Who are you?”… “I’m the teardrop of the man who regret letting a girl go…”

Bottomline: Nobody will sympathize a person who constantly let chances pass by without making any efforts to salvage. We normally don’t realize how important our loved ones are until they left us, we then start reminiscing which eventually makes us miserable.

Coz, most of the times people may be listening from all same old shits that are happening in your life. Some may sympathize you but behind your back they are saying how “stupid” we bacame because of love. All of us become so uncontrollably stupid and that’s undeniable. But I’m proud to say that from those stupid experiences I had – I’ve learned one thing and that’s “NO REGRETS” – coz I don’t want to be miserable all my life.

It’s so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception.

Bottomline: We are critical especially to the one we like or love because we want them to be the best, constantly seeking for perfection, which should be worked out by both parties.

Tama na! TAMA naman talaga toh! ;D No matter how much we’re all wanting for that special someone, we just can’t simply have him. One question though… What is it in that person that we really like? It maybe because of the standards we feed our thoughts… And the mere reason why we end up with the person we doesn’t really like even from the start. And at some point we try to change that one person and make him to be the man we really want. Which (whether we all like it or not) always end up to become a failure, because no matter how hard it is we strike blows and insist that person to become who s/he isn’t is arduous. When in that situation, the person who’s literally manipulating the person should do some transforming too… Whoo!!!

Love can make you happy although often times it hurts. But love is only special if you give it to which it’s worth.

Bottomline: If you found someone who truly appreciates you, he/she deserves more of your love.

Hmmm… GO FOR IT! There are only a few out there who knows how to appreciate and the rest doesn’t care anymore! (( Thank you na nga lang, hirap pa sabihin eh! Gawsh! ))

To love is like playing the piano. First, you play by the rules. Then, you must forget the rules and play from the heart.

Bottomline: Trust is important , to trust a person you like / love must first let the person you like/love trust you. Have confidence in yourself and the person who likes / loves you. Never leave them doubting and don’t doubt what he/she has to give.

TRUST is the main ingredient towards a harmonious and balanced relationship!

What If someone tells you this: I don’t believe in courtship. It’s just a waste of time. If I love the person, I’ll tell her right away. But for you I will make an exception… Just love me now and I’ll court you forever…

Bottomline: Love needs time to realize, there might be love at first sight but it takes time to let one gradually discover their affection towards another, miss him/her when he/she is not around, hope to hear from her/him when the person hasn’t written or called. (And gasgas na yun sa text huh?! *lol*)

You never lose in loving. You only lose in holding back.

Bottomline: Don’t be afraid to tell the person you like/love how much you like/love him/her. Let them know, let them decide and make a decision. The best thing in life is to tell the person you like/love how important they are to you, by doing so, you feel free. THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE, okay? 😉

The greatest challenge in our life is to find someone who knows our flaws and differences and yet still willingly embraces you with so much love.

Bottomline: Love is a means of self giving and sacrifice… If he/she knows your flaws and is still willing to accept you, love him/her even more… You are lucky! This person truly deserves your love and affection.

The spaces between our fingers were created so that another person’s fingers could fill them in.

Bottomline: Open your heart, let people love you, never doubt their intentions, sincerity can be felt by the heart.

When you love, it is not for you to be understood but for you to understand; not for you to take but for you to be taken; to listen not to dictate; to sacrifice and not to demand; not to count or measure.



  geexie wrote @

“If someone comes into your life and becomes a part of you but for some reasons he couldn’t stay, don’t cry too much… Just be glad that your paths crossed and somehow he made you happy even for a while.”

I love that! thanx for the advice… 🙂

  Dio wrote @

Great post. I l.o.v.e this.

  mats wrote @

Sure sis! Anytime! 😉

Dio > Thanks! 😀

  Jen-Jen wrote @

basta aq.. i’m inlove *vibrations*

  mats wrote @

Awww… Alam ko yan! Hmmm… *kilig mode*

  geexie wrote @

ako din… kinikilig… hehe… bagay kayo ate jen! hihihi

  jen_dutch3ss wrote @

nyahaha tlga? weeee kiligs agen!

  jen_dutch3ss wrote @

mish q na xa.. 😦

  andianka wrote @

nakens! love is in the air palan in mats world. ooooh…

oh well… i agree. its all about taking risks. sabi nga sa hitch. jump, who cares if someone will catch you or not. basta you tried. and most of the time naman, the price is sweet pag pinaghirapan.

(may entry na din ako…di nga lang love..haha!)

  mats wrote @

Jen > *kilig mode*
Kinilig talaga ako dun sa share mo yesterday…

Nakakamiss naman tuloi sya!

  kronprinsesse wrote @

bat nga pla love entry mu te?
dami yata inlove ah hehe

  kronprinsesse wrote @

ahihihihi mas lalo na q kiligs

ewan.. im dreamin ba?

  mats wrote @

Anka! > Parang ang sarap ng feeling! Gawsh!
Currently listening: Doesn’t Matter by Akon

naiinlove naman ako…

  mats wrote @

Jen > Love ang entry ko, coz I’ve been hurting for weeks na din. And finally collected thoughts about it. Masarap lang ang feeling…

Naiinspire ako… Tapos may pinabasa ka pa sa kin yesterday…

  kronprinsesse wrote @

aww k lng yan te.. dami guys jan na deserving para sa love mo..

  andianka wrote @

kinikilig? masaya yan…at least natupad hiling mo kahapon. sabi mo miss mo na yang feeling na yan diba? what a song can do to your emotions. unleash the memories. hahaha!

  mats wrote @

Jen > I do believe there’s this one soul who’s meant for my love talaga! ( gawsh! soul! natakot naman ako! hahaha! )

  mats wrote @

Anka! > You should check the lines of that song! For a change, I want to unleash the feeling of being HAPPY and IN LOVE… Yun lang naman!

What a magic can do, you know… 😉

  andianka wrote @

wahahahah! soul? mumu? no… stay hopeful gurl. dahil i believe din that everyone has someone out there reserved for them.

  kronprinsesse wrote @

destiny nalng hehe.. para nde ka matakot sa soul.. lolz

sakin kea sin0?

  mats wrote @

DESTINY! Love it!!! 😉
Naalala ko naman si Jim Brickman. Wow! Hanggang kailan kaya ang feeling ko na nahihibang sa LOVE!

JEN > alam ko na yung syo kung sino. And I hope SIYA na nga… 😀

  kronprinsesse wrote @

weee i wish.. sana nde it0 dream

  andianka wrote @

wahahahaha! i listened to the song that you mentioned. no wonder kinikilig ka..hahaha! naiintindihan kita. napahalakhak ako sa lyrics. mukhang bagay nga sayo base sa mga entries mo. 😀

  mats wrote @

Parang yung song na naman!!! Yung DREAMING… *kilig mode*
*sings* I like dreaming… Coz dreaming can make you mine. I like holding you close, touching your skin, even if it’s in my mind..
Sweet dreams baby i love you…

  mats wrote @

Anka > eto di ba?
*sings* Nobody wanna see us together, but it don’t matter no… Coz I got you…
(Coz) We go’n fight, Always we gon’n fight… Believe we go’n fight, fight for our love, yeah!

*kilig mode*

  andianka wrote @

may naiisip akong song from the past na diko maalala title… basta it goes:

“if i can’t hold you a long time, can i hold you for awhile?
if you can’t give me tomorrow, can you give me your past?
if i can’t kiss you, in this real world, i’ll kiss you in my dreams,

can’t go on living, i can’t have you.”

nyahahahah 😉

  andianka wrote @

ahhhh… alam ko na bagay syo! White Flag ni Dido…

“i will go down with this ship. i won’t put my arms up and surrender. there will be no white flag above my door. im inlove and always will be.”

  andianka wrote @

oo…yun mismong kantang sinasabi mo narinig ko…:D

  mats wrote @

OO ANKA!!! Favorite ko nga yun!
Siyang tunay!!! WHITE FLAG!

Pero yung first that you posted… Parang gusto i-research…

  andianka wrote @

hindi ko nga mahanap sa search eh…dko matandaan title. basta kasabay sya nung mga boyz to men kapanahunan.hehe…

  mats wrote @

Wow!!! BozIIMen ang kasabay? Hmmm… *thinks*
WOW!!! Kahit artist? 😉

  mats wrote @

Jen > Don’t worry if that’s a dream, it’s more like DREAMING with your eyes OPEN…
Wonderful feeling! 😀

  andianka wrote @

oo kahit artist…isa ksi un sa collection ni mom ko na nakahumalingan ko kaso recorded kaya walang list whatsoever. argh!!!! 😛

  mats wrote @

Sayang naman! Napapaisip tuloy ako! Hindi ba All 4 One? Or Damage? Or Color Me Badd? Group pa or boy or girl? 😛

  andianka wrote @

dko maalala…pero i dont think boyband image…hmmm…pati nga ako nawiwindang na kakaisip…baka…ewan…:D

  mats wrote @

Hmmm… Gary Barlowe? Waaah!! Windang na ko here! ;P

  andianka wrote @

waaaaaah :(( wala talaga!!!! argh!

  mats wrote @

Waaah talaga!!! Sakit ko pa naman toh, kapag di ko maisip, di ako titigil hangga’t di nahahanap! xP

  andianka wrote @

hay naku…
kelangan ko na huminto sa paghahanap at baka wala akong matapos sa task ko…
nyahahahaha !!!! 😀

  mats wrote @

Dontcha worry, i’ll find it for you! 😉
Waha! 😉

  andianka wrote @

wahahaha… cge ng matahimik tayo pareho! 😀

  mats wrote @

Gawsh! I’m losing my mind now, searching for that song! X(

  andianka wrote @

wahahahaha 🙂 i tried… grabe…dko alam kung bat nawawala sya.

  mats wrote @

I’m actually thinking if it’s Babyface, but I can’t find answers… 😦

  andianka wrote @

any luck?!hehehe!baliw ka na ba kahahanap?

  mats wrote @

No luck at all! I feel like I am turned upside down now, looking for it! Haha!

  andianka wrote @

hanep…dka talaga hihinto…cge go! 😀

  mats wrote @

Di nga eh! Gawsh! My eyes are strained! 😥

  andianka wrote @

so? nahanap mo na? hehehe! 😀

  mats wrote @

Gawsh Anka!!! Di ko mahanap!!! *dig mode*

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