6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Wot’s happening? lolz… Just a bit confused right now… I really don’t know what I’m gonna do about this certain stuff…I’m just a bit fed up on how things are happening… Yeah! I am inspired… Who doesn’t want this kind of feeling right? I may not have the best time right now, but who says everybody wants to have the “BEST”?  Everything has been turning out the way I don’t want it to happen. There has been a lot of situations that I don’t like here.I’m a very shallow person, when it comes to LOVE! MABABAW… SABAW as my friends would tell me… Well, it’s just me. I’m simply mababaw… Simple “i love you’s” “sorry’s” “thank you’s” I don’t care! I don’t give a damn! Who cares by the way?

But, things has been such a whirlwind. Feels like I’m on a rollercoaster ride… I could feel the chills. I wish one day, I’d rather be as numb as Zidane is! I dunno, or maybe I just caught him on a bad day and so as he… We could all be twisted sometimes… Some of us may have this clash with the ones we love… Today, you guys may be alright. Tomorrow, we don’t know…

Yeah, all of us may be sappy in a lot different ways. We could all be sensitive in a lot of ways. But this guy is different. I remember last night, I was having this chat with Jen and Marge. Jen and I were actually talking about “MC” while Marge and I are talking about puppies and stuffs… The phone rang and it was Zidane, my ex. We talked. He asked for it, I gave it to him. That’s the least I can give him right now. At least a time to talk… He asked me “how it ended?” DANG! How can someone you loved so much be as insensitive!? I just don’t get it!!! It’s profoundly unfair… He gave me this chance to speak out things that I didn’t like from him, from our relationship… I DID! But as expected, HE DIDN’T LISTEN… HE NEVER DID… I just wish that at least for once he did…Now, tell me “HOW CAN SOMEONE FIX THINGS UP and PICK THE PIECES UP when it’s YOU alone who’s doing and taking the efforts? Full of craps right? I never should have took that call!Ho,hum,dee,dum, dee, dum… Yada – yada! I do admit, I may have commited mistakes myself, but that doesn’t mean I really wanted to do things the opposite way he wants me to be… Well, talk of efforts… I just did! I had this sleepless night…  I dreamt of him and much to my excitement I woke up and see myself curled up alone on my bed… Well, a DREAM… Wish I could be two places at one time and spend a day with him and watch myself as I’m (again) swept away by him… Feeling his touch… Mushy right?

Well that’s me, I just see love and that’s how I love… I’M NOT A GOOD LOVER… Coz I do mess up… I start fights (sometimes)… I get jealous easily (at times)… I may be a bit demanding (in a way that I’m just making lambing, not the “I want this… I want it now…” demanding type)… And I often get mad… But there are three things I do love about myself… I DON’T PLAY… I GIVE MY ALL… and I LOVE DEEPLY… That’s how I am… I don’t care and I don’t count and measure the weeks that passed and yet no one to hug nor kiss, no one to plan the future with… I do always say that I’M HAPPY BEING SINGLE, but I have to admit, IT’S SOMEHOW… INCOMPLETE…

Guess, once I’m back on track again, everything will be alright… Or I’d rather think of him as a “MEMORY” coz I’m glad at least I had the chance to be with him and spend some of days with… I really wanted to TO SAVE ROOM for everything… Everything and anything… 



  andianka wrote @

you don’t have to save a room for anything or everything..because it will always take its place there inside your head on its own… whether you want to or not, on which case you want to…hehehe… that’s a normal reaction. no one can be that naive you know. 😀

  mats wrote @

I guess what I mean is SAVE a SPACE in my HEART…

  andianka wrote @

and then kami po ay nag-evacuate upang bigyang pansin ang pagka-incomplete in matsy! nyahahaha! 😀

  andianka wrote @

awww.kahit ano pa sabihin mo ang puso natin ang may pinakamalaking gigabyte…daig pa mga pentium pc. hahaha! 😀

  mats wrote @

Sowsss!! OO! Kasi, INCOMPLETE talaga si MATSY up to now 😦

  mats wrote @

Nadaig nga lahat eh! Kasi, sobrang terible ng pakiramdam ko ngayon! 😦

  andianka wrote @

uy..pinagttripan lang kita…wag ka naman masyado down…baka drama na maging entries mo nyan. 😉

  mats wrote @

Ok lang naman ako noh! 😉
And NO MORE dramas muna ngayon! I have to savor moments right now! 😉

  andianka wrote @

waaaah! nagtag ka? bkit dka online? 😀

  mats wrote @

Ui, sorry naman! Just got home. Too stressed out ako sa work eh! Been on a conference and concert tonight. Yung concert naman, na re-sched kasi, binagyo ang Orang and Lemons! Naulanan din ako! Waah! 😦

  andianka wrote @

hahaha! okay lang po…third place ako…hehehe! 😀 tuloy ang botohan! suportahan nyo ko!!!!! 😛

  mats wrote @

HUWAW! Congrats naman! Sino first and second place? 😛

  Jonell Estillore wrote @

mats… ouch.

  mats wrote @

Oo Jonell… OUCH talaga! I can’t bite it back na… 🙂

  andianka wrote @

ey!!!! si culture shiok and sweetagring yata yung sunudan na 1st and 2nd. musta ka na? 😀 yung boto ko! nyahaha! 😛

  richard wrote @

God has a reason for allowing this things to happen in our life. We may never understand why. But God works for good reasons, according to his purpose.. 🙂

  mats wrote @

ANKA, Wow! Sige, I’ll vote ulit later 😉

  mats wrote @

Yo RICHE! Nice to finally hearing from you! 😀
I believe that GOD has the best reasons why things happen… 😉
Thanks for the inspiration! 😉

  andianka wrote @

hoy! ano na?! update, update! nyahaha! 😉

  SELaplana wrote @

i think, you need me in your life heheheh 🙂 bigyan mo nga ako ng daan

  Felize wrote @

Hi! I am Felize Mendoza, a 2nd year student from Philippine Science High School. I just want to show you our project in Social Science (Pisay Meets World), We Hold the Future.

Please click the link below (my teacher’s blog) and please also click the video frame which links to YouTube, please leave a comment there, you need an account to comment (in YouTube).

Thank you very much for your time. Ü


  mats wrote @

Hi… I’m back!!!

Wow, I think I will be really needing SELaplana in my life! I’ll show you the way… 😉

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