6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

Most Romantic Story ever…

… I’ve posted a quote regarding regrets and here’s a story about that quote… 

Logic and Romance

Her husband was an engineer. Since they met, he’s always been an unflappable rock in her life. She knew he always had his feet firmly planted on the ground, and it seemed that no matter what else went crazy, he would be the one constant.

Three years of romance, and two years of marriage later, she got tired. He was the most unromantic man she knew. He never bought her flowers, he never surprised her, and nothing changed in their marriage.

After some time, she finally found the courage to tell him that she wanted to leave him. He just sat there, speechless. Her heart froze… What kind of man did she marry that didn’t even know what to say to make her stay?

After a while, her husband spoke, “What can I do to change your mind?”. “I will stay if you can give me a good answer to this question,” she replied coldly. “If I asked for a flower that grew on a cliff, and you knew that getting it for me means certain death, would you get it for me?”. Her husband’s face grew troubled. “Can I give you an answer tomorrow morning?” her husband asked. Hearing that kind of answer, her heart died. She knew that she could never be happy with a man who couldn’t even give her an answer straight away.

The next morning, when she woke up, her husband was missing. In the living room, under a warm glass of milk, was a note. Her eyes grew misty as I read it…

“Dear, I have my answer. I will never pick the flower for you if it meant certain death. But before you leave, I hope you can give me a chance to give you my reasons….

You will always sit in front of the computer and type about for the whole day, but everytime you will end up in tears cause your formating will always go all over the place… I need my fingers, to do the formating for you, so your tears will become smiles.

You like to travel, but would always get lost… I need my eyes, so that I can bring you to the nicest places on earth.

Everytime you leave the house, you would always forget your keys… I need my legs, so that I can run home to open the door for you.

You never knew how to take care of yourself… I need my hands to help you to trim your nails, to feed you.

So you see, that’s why I can’t pick the flower for you. Until I find someone who loves you more than I do, I will need my body to take care of you.

If you accept my reasons, then open the door, where I will be waiting with your favourite muffin.”

With tears streaming from her eyes, she opened the door, and there her husband stood, with a extremely worried look on his face. He still had nothing to say, but just stood there waving the packet he had in his hand in front of her. And then she knew for a fact that she will never find another man who will ever love her as much as he does.

Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean that they don’t love you with all they have…



  andianka wrote @

waaaah… naluha luha ako sa tuwa… asar! teary eyed me with joy. honest! asar ka! emotional pa naman ako today! grrr. 😀

  mats wrote @

Ako din emotional today… Namamaga nga mata ko right now. Too much crying… 😦

  andianka wrote @

the story’s at my blog na! wahaha! mahaba din yun! harharhar! bawi! 😀

  mats wrote @

Wahaha!Bawi bawi ba tayo?!
Sureness, punta na ko dun! 😉

  andianka wrote @

ah..hindi naman sa ganti…gusto ko lang talaga pabasa syo. kanina ko lang narealize na mahaba pala cya! 😀

  mats wrote @

Sige, ang mahaba para naman sa mga ADIK na tulad natin eh… 😛

  andianka wrote @

wahahahah! oo nga… tayo lang naman mtyagang magbasa…feeling ko nga pwede na kong pang review ng blogs kasi talagang binabasa ko muna bago mag tag at maglink ex…sus! 😀 ADIK TO THE MAX!

  mats wrote @

Basta ba worth our time. Yung may sense talaga! 😛 Oo naman! Dapat talaga binabasa muna… 😉

  andianka wrote @

waaaah…sabi ko extra ka lang… nyahahhaa 😀 ang saya! syemps…napahalungkat mo kasi ako kaya credit syo! nyahahha! 😉

  mats wrote @

Sowssss! Ano naman kung ako naging dahilan ng paghalungkat moh!?
😕 Ang labo! 😮

  andianka wrote @

eh sayo ko mainly gusto pabasa yun noh?! duh! ahahhaha :);)

  mats wrote @

Wahahaha!!! COOL!!! 😉 Hay naku,just finished checkin on my dogs! 😛

  andianka wrote @

aw…aw..aw… nyahahha 😉 buti ka pa…la ako space for dogs. pag may sarili na kong bahay, nyahaha 😀

  mats wrote @

I have like 9!!! 😛

  andianka wrote @

wow…anong breed? 😀

  mats wrote @

Sheperd, Spitz, and Dalmatian (Bayag ang name) lolx

  andianka wrote @

ooooh…gusto ko nung katulad kay mcbride…yun siberian husky.nyahahaha! 😀

  mats wrote @

Maganda yun!!! Mahal nga lang! Pang malamig yun eh! 😛 😀

  andianka wrote @

oo nga…parang di bagay sa pinas. 😀

(yahoo…natapos ko din task ko sa wakas! sigh! sakit sa ulo! 😀 )

  mats wrote @

Pero cute sila sobrah! 🙂

(( Wow naman, I’m happy for you Anka! 😉 ))

  beekee wrote @

ay wow. i love the story din.

  geexie wrote @

mah gawd! kaka-tats! awwww…

  mats wrote @

hi you!!! 🙂

  andianka wrote @

dropping by…gawin bang tagboard ‘to! again…nyahaha 😀

  mats wrote @

Of course! Nothing’s new naman eh! 😉
Kamustahan ulet!!! 😛

  andianka wrote @

yup yup…nililibang ko lang ulit sarili ko para di mabaliw sa work. 😀

  mats wrote @

Sige lang! Libang libang! Dun tayos sa isang entry!
Mas gusto ko titigan ang INCOMPLETE! 😛

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