6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence


Damn!!! This will be my first entry for this month! I can’t believe a single darn thing about myself lately… I’ve been through a lot of stuffs for the past weeks… And honestly, I became so sluggish updating my SINGLE’S JOURNAL… Errr…

 I’ve missed everything about blogging… I’ve missed my TROPANG GISING mates online… 😉 I’ve missed every little thing about it… I actually lost 25K. And that’s one of the reason why I became so weak and droopy. It just felt like I’ve lost half of my world. I just don’t know how to cope with it and literally earn what I’ve lost somewhere…

I was actually on yesterday. I was a bit pleased with what’s happening… Closing a deal and having to chat with some old friend… Until late last night… I heard from a friend that, SB’s on his way back from California.

*hits the wall with head* Is it true? *rolls eyes* coz, if it is… I DON’T WANT A SINGLE CHANCE OF CROSSING PATHS WITH HIM… *sobs*

Grrr!!! Not too fortunate me! Poor unfortunate soul that was a blast from the past… It was just a spur of the moment… I am now counting 3 long years! 3 long years after our last days spent together… I was never lucky enough to won someone so special like him… He was on a relationship then… It was all so f*cked up!!!

And now am gonna hear that he’s back, darn!!!



  cars wrote @

awwww 😦 well, goodluck with dealing with him if ever.

linked you na =) sorry for getting back this late. hehe.

  mats wrote @

Hi! Thanks!
It’s alright, yah know…

  Gee wrote @

i miss you so much ate mats! mwaaah!

  mats wrote @

Hi yah Gee.! Missed you more…
Hope I’ll cope up with everything…
And finally pick myself up again…

  mica wrote @

Oh my that’s a big amount of money.. Hope ur ok now..

Welcome back! 🙂

  paurong wrote @

it’s been a long time since your last entry. and you lost 25K? oh no. you really have to work hard to earn it back.
speaking of “back” as if the word back is a noun, he’s back from california? woo. it sounds familiar to me.. very very familiar. *laughing sarcastically*

  andianka wrote @

hoy!!!!!! katagal kong di nakadalaw! relax lang… wag mo na masyado isipin. (kahit mahirap nga yun…) kaya mo yan…

  mats wrote @

Jonelle > really is a long time… now i can finally say, IT’S BEEN A WHILE…

May naalala nga ako bigla sa sinabi mo eh… Are you sure, you don’t know “anything” about moi? *lol*

  mats wrote @

Anka > oo nga eh! kasabay ng aking pagkawala ang iyong hindi pagdalaw! ako pagbalik ko, ilang beses ako dalaw sa’yo! 😉 nekenemen!

ang hirap wag isipin eh… *takes deep breath*

sana nga KAYANIN ko…

  mats wrote @

Mica > big amount of money talaga…
more reason for me for more sleepless nights and work till sun up… 😦

  andianka wrote @

hoy bruha… isang beses ko lang nakita ang pagdalaw mo noh?! anyway, update ka na! sus! nagpapatali sa mga pressure. haha! joke… basta relax lang lagi.. galaw galaw ng di ma-stroke… 🙂

  mats wrote @

loka ka! 2bese kaya ako dumalaw! di isa! lol
di naman sa nagpapatali sa pressures, kaya lang mahirap ipagsabay ngayon…
di kinaya ng abilities ko sa multi-tasking eh 🙂

  mica wrote @

awwww 😦

  mats wrote @

i believe, malalampasan ko toh 😉
thanks for dropping by Mica> 🙂

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