6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

Beauty… Vanity…

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
– Kahlil Gibran

What is BEAUTY?

  • It’s the quality that gives pleasure to the mindor senses and is associated with such properties as harmony, of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness and originality.
  • An outstanding or conspicuous example.
  • A person regarded as physically attractive.
  • A special feature or quality that confers superiority: distinction, excellence, perfection…
  • Why Does Beauty Matter?

    Almost all cultures are now obsessed with beauty that a pertinent question might not be what is it IMPORTANT TO US? Beauty serves a biological importance purpose. Before the invention of blood tests and medical examinations, obeservation was the only way to determine whether a man or a woman would be a capable bearer of an offspring.
    Women with unblemished skin, symmetrical features, glossy hair, good posture and waist to hip ratio of between 0.67 to 0.80 were seen as disease-free, strong and reproductive capable. Men with above-average height, good posture and well developed muscles were seen as powerful, fierce and able to protect their family.
    Before people cared less about female weight than they did about a woman’s waist to hip ratio, which many people specifically medical experts believe is a better visual indicator of health ant the capability for successful child-bearing.
    Today as earth becomes more and more overpopulated the continuation of ones species is no longer a concern… 😦

    The quest pursuit for beauty, age defiance and physical enhancement are at an all time high. The beauty industry to include especially with simple salons to corporate giants, pulls in thousands (take note: THOUSANDS) of money annually. People now are more obsessed with making themselves beautiful and more attractive for their own personal satisfaction and so others can see them they way they want to be seen. But not that only! People search for ways to enhance themselves but they also seek beauty and ATTRACTION in other things. Mostly known as the DATING WORLD.

    Some people might infer that covering the importance of beauty in the dating world is a bit costless or unwarranted. But we all know that it’s all out there and it can be considered nature’s cruelest form of sexual selection. You either have it or you don’t. However, I think it’s a piercing topic of consideration whether we are just now enetering the dating realm or we’ve been in it for years. Today’s society places heavy weight on goodlooks in the work place and in social scenes. We can’t escape it and we can’t deny it.

    I myself was asked if never in my entire life have I wished to be beautiful or had any regrets on how I look. I don’t want to sound hypocrite, who doesn’t? When I was a kid, I used to say “be content in what you have…” I am not the type of woman who holds an eye catching and heart captivating looks. I’m just a typical woman you would see everyday of your life. I don’t have great looks that will make guys have their jaws drop. I’m not beautiful and neither ugly. Haha! Safe answer. 🙂 I’m somewhere in between beautiful and ugly.

    I remember I told an online friend that I was making an entry about Beauty and Vanity. And he uttered, “tamang tama.. testament of beauty from a beautiful lady. What a compliment! Whoo! It’s heart flattering actually. I never grew up with compliments and praises saying how pretty and adorable I am. But as I was growing, one by one I slowly receive stuffs saying how they like me or how they’d wish they’re like me.

    A REAL SHOCKER for me!!! I swear! Not that I’m beginning to sound humble, but I say… For the record! I AM NOT PRETTYFUL (pretty + beautiful) NEVER BEEN and NEVER WILL.

    I only wished I had been prettier… At one point of my life I considered having an aesthetic surgery. NOSELIFT for once. I admit, I don’t have a perfect pointed nose, but still I manage to breathe fresh air. I once told my dad that. He actually said yes. But it was me, who’s been hesitant. But I think he is too, coz he won’t give me the money I’ll be using for the surgery. Haha! So here I am, still UNPRETTY…

    To read a statement as such from someone like me makes me want to examine why and how being beautiful or handsome plays such a dubious role in our everyday lives. But in the end, it made me realize that it would be best if we just accept our idealistic qualities and move on to facing them.

    When it comes to choosing men and women we want for a date or we hopes to go out with, our very first assessment is actually based on LOOKS. Most people will say that they’re looking for more profound qualities such as, character, motivation, sensitivty, beliefs and sense of humor and that looks, although important, are not the top of the list. And although this may be true, nature tends to sway our first choice. But based on my observations it showst hat we all move towards the more attractive person at first. Actually it’s not something that we can easily or willingly help, nor can we consider it malevolent behavior. I say, it’s just programmed into us from COMMERCIALS, MAGAZINE ADS, CELEBRITIES and more. It is learned responsive behavior. Not everyone looks like Tyra Banks or Charlene Gonzales or Brad Pitt or Aga Muhlach and there are only a few in this world who apparently represent represent what we all should look like, we can all take steps and measures TO IMPROVE THE WAY WE LOOK and HOW WE APPEAR TO OTHERS. It’s the very first rule in life and in dating! I just think so…

    And based on all the things I’ve been through I’ve learned that the first person we should impress is ourselves… When we look good, we feel good. I just think that we should sometimes take advantage of what modern science has created in the field of beauty. From getting the basic shampoo and conditioner for our hair, from make-up to help us enhance our features. And our wardrobe must be a PRIORITY ISSUE. Getting in shape is an absolute must. Not does it only show that we care about our body, but it is essential for our health and it’ll help us to feel great physically and emotionally.

    The better we feel about ourselves, the more confident we will appear. And confidence is a VERY SEXY and APPEALING part of OUR OVERALL APPEARANCE… 😉

    Now, do I still need a plastic surgery? *thinks for a while* Who needs it anyway?! I’m not a public figure or what. I’d rather be myself. Simply au naturelle me… 🙂



      geexie wrote @

    nice entry sis 🙂

      mats wrote @

    thanks sis! 🙂 anytime for the beautiful and prettyful!

      REX wrote @

    anhaba naman! hehe!

    It’s a sad fact of life: this world puts too much premium on outside beauty. I think ive mentioned this in a previous post, and alam ko nagcomment na ka dun.. 🙂

    I dont think it will ever change. For as long as there are Miss Worlds, Miss Universes, Miss Earths, Binibining Pilipinases, Miss Philippines, etc. Sige na nga, pati na Mossimo Bikini Summit, haha!

    Eh kasi naman, kung may equality talaga, bakit walang ‘ugly pagaent’. yung tipong ‘ugliness with a purpose’. pwede naman na pangit ka pero super maganada ang kalooban mo diba.. wala lang, hehe.. 🙂

      mats wrote @

    to be fair! dapat talaga magkaroon ng equality. kasi naman lahat na lang ng magaganda ang nabibigyan ng chance dapat pati yung di masyadong maganda or yung di pleasing sa mata ng tao!

    para makaJoin naman ako! haha! 😀

      beekee wrote @

    thank you for empathizing…or sympathizing…ewan. =)) ansakit..pero ok lang… haha.

      beekee wrote @


      mats wrote @

    empathizing na lang… mas like ko siya than sympathize… i know how you feel, but i know in time gagaling din yan =)

      beekee wrote @

    hahah. nag’flood na. i looove your entry. i can relate. i think this guy doesn’t want to admit he likes me because of how i look. not that i am deformed in some way,but i am kinda chubby.=D i find it an endearing quality. HAHA.

      mats wrote @

    don’t worry… CHUBBY din ako… some guys naman kasi they like you na, ayaw pa… di malaman kung gusto ka nila or gusto na iba. guys like that are coward…
    you don’t actually like a person just because the way s/he looks… maybe at first we all get attracted on the outside…
    pero in the process, we’ll all realize that it’s not liking someone because of who and what they are, rather who and what they really are when we’re with them…

    naguluhan na ata ako sa sinabi ko! HAHA

      beekee wrote @

    =)) hi maaats! 🙂

    oo nga… i get what you mean. haha. sometimes it’s all about their social status. i’m still in highschool…you might know what i mean.

      mats wrote @

    hiiii!!! 🙂
    it’s been a while…
    i know what you mean.. yaa, i read your profile sa blogsite mo…

    i was amazed by your blogsite and your thoughts too. at a young age, you know stuffs na… and i know what you mean! 😉

      andianka wrote @

    beauty… nakunaman…

    nywei, may confession ako… 😛

      mats wrote @

    I just wanna talk about beauty… Haha!

    Okay!!! What is it? I wanna know!!! 😛

      beekee wrote @

    dapat may cbox ka. =)) =)) ok naman ako… the thumb is growing by the minute.

      mats wrote @

    di ata pwede ang cbox dito eh… 😦 argh! as in, i’ve been working on that for months… HAHA

    i’m glad you’re okay… 🙂

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