6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence




I seldom watch Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 on Primetime. I don’t have a 24 hour live streams either. I just rely on what I’ll hear from my cousins inside our house about what’s happening inside Big Brother’s house. Last week, I was busy updating my accounts here online when I received a message from my cousin Bea who’s a college student in Far Eastern University… She was like, “Ate ting!!! Nanonood ka ba ng PBB? Kamukha mo si Bea!!!” To be honest, the housemates I only knew of are Ezekiel or Zeke, Wendy, Nel, Mickey, Saicy and Gee-Ann. The first 6 housemates who got inside the Big Brother’s house. I was was actually confused on Big Brother’s Management on what style they’re going to do for the launching of PBB Season 2.

Anyway, to cut it short, I sent my cousin a reply, saying that I don’t know much about the housemate Bea. That I haven’t seen her yet. And she was like, “You should watch it sometime…” I just said “Okay, I will…”

Until, I got the chance to watch a few episodes from last week and the Eviction last night. I was so bothered seeing Bea nominated for eviction. I was actually greatly affected… Not until Toni announced that Bea’s safe and she can continue her stay on the house. I was relieved coz I know and I believe that she has a lot to offer compared to the bitchy Dionne.

I felt bad last night coz after her knowing that she was saved the big telephone rang and she quickly answered the phone which lead her for an automatic nomination… She just finished facing the jitters and the tension she had during the 2nd Eviction and now she’s again facing another trial…


Anyway, Bea can be a good example for all the viewers outside the Big Brother House. Who would forget the night that Bea confronted Zeke about his thing with Dionne. Dionne left a boyfriend and she still keeps on flirting with Zeke. Zeke, may have been provoking Dionne but, if she really has morals she won’t do stuffs like putting a lotion on a guy’s private part. Or maybe staying inside the boy’s room and to show fondness to someone and being so touchy with the person…

For guys, I think it’ll be a + factor but, the question is. How would you feel if you see your boyfriend or your girlfriend with someone and so sweet and touchy? We may not know what’s really happening, but still you shouldn’t do such things. Dionne is so insensitive not to think about what others would say against her. It wasn’t Zeke who put Dionne in shame! If there’s one certain person who did put Dionne in misfortune, it’s HERSELF…

Let me just state an example… People may think that I’m GREEN, or a type of GIRL who may talk SHIT all the time… But, for me I find it easier said than done. I can talk shit, I can be a real pain in the ass. I can tempt someone… But once I’m on the situation itself. Right face to face with that person involve… I can’t DO IT… But Dionne, she’s a real b!tch… She’s a fighter and she doesn’t care whether she lose her honor or not. She doesn’t care much about what other people would say against her or her family’s upbringing to her… She’s just IMMORAL…

Zeke, may not be someone that any would call as REAL MAN. But, they all had their reasons doing that. Inside that house, we just can’t easily point who is playing right or wrong… It’s a game of chance… A game of BETRAYAL…

BEA’s someone who I can say is NATURAL… For her, a housemate should be a good listener, a true friend, funny and a person with a happy disposition in life. I think she deserves to STAY INSIDE and PROVE HERSELF MORE… From what I read at Pinoy Big Brother’s site…


“Beatriz may look like a shy and soft-spoken girl from afar but once you get to know her, you’ll discover that she’s a bomb ready to explode. She admits being a very talkative girl but her openness has helped her get along with almost any type of person . Aside from her perky attitude, her looks have also caught the attention of a beauty pageant in her town. Her positive outlook on life has proven to be her strength, growing up separated from her parents.

“Will Beatriz sassiness and sunny personality hel her survive life inside Big Brother’s house?”

I am once again calling out everyones support here! Let’s all spearheads and support BEA for the next Eviction Night…

send to 2331 for Globe
and 231 for Smart




  beekee wrote @

haha. that has happened to me na,i once got attached to this contestant in some show kasi kamukha ko raw siya when i was a kid…

i think it was BEA from starstruck kid.

bea din name niya oh.

i haven’t been following pbb closely, but i guess, i have to agree that zeke wasn’t provoking dionne. for all we know,zeke might be unconscious with what he’s doing,and how it affects the people around them… but then, otherwise may be true.

ewan ko. basta kay mickey ako. xP

p.s. thanks for the comment…and thanks for the wishes with i and deedee…we are having a blast. =))

  mats wrote @

hi beekee!!!
well at least someone i can share my rants with! xD

dionne’s going too far actually and it’s irritating na…

ako din I LOVE MICKEY!!! iba siya eh! xD

am so happy that you and deedee are having a blast 🙂

  andianka wrote @

ola! alam mo ba na si bea is from ateneo de naga as well? my brother was actually lauging seeing her on PBB. he’s not friends with her or anything but he says she’s really pretty.

ang comment nya lang naman is that she doesn’t have that much role sa loob ng bahay ni kuya. but lately she talks a lot more than the previous days.

i never watched PBB… pero i get to catch them on news and late nights something. including that eviction the other day.

oh well!

sad to say i was compared to cass the other season. but her attitude was way far from me. (especially her accent!) hahaha!

  mats wrote @

oo nga eh! nabalitaan ko nga yun. wow naman! gusto ko nga siya makita ng personal. yun lang naman.

oo, compared to saicy na parang wallpaper lang and alipores lang ni wendy!!! HAHA

oo, ayaw ko ang accent ni cass! HAHA!

  marge wrote @

oo nga no kamukha mo nga po c Beatriz! infareness she’s really pretty tlga like you.. ehempp hehe

  mats wrote @

hmf… 😆

bola itoh!!! naks!!! 😉


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