6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence



At long last, I was able to go out and see the world! 😆You think, I’m exaggerating? Yeah, I went out. Shop. Dine out. But do I consider those stuffs a real out-in-the-world sorta thing? Sadly, nope! But tonight around 7:30 when my Kuya got home and get ready for their “going away (again) party” to Sheen 😳 – I felt this sudden urge to at least go out and give myself a little dose of what I need “shopping”. I know it’s a bit late for me to hit the mall. But nothing’s too late for me as long as it’s the MALL I’m going through!!!Just a little of what I did the past few nights. Hmmm… I availed this “upgrades” for wordpress! I dunno what popped inside my head and tried it. I do purchase a few things online, actually. I guess what drove my mind to do that is the “CSS” thing. Which, I never have to lie about that I DON’T KNOW MUCH OF! And I really don’t know how to customize templates and other stuffs! How stupid of me right? I tried learning and doing stuffs for my blogsite (really) – but not even to the tiniest membrane of my brains have I extracted a bit of knowledge about it!!! 😆

I just dunno if what I’m doing is still normal for such a ninny person like me!Anyway, I took a quick shower and 8:24 I left the house and ride the tricycle to SM Centerpoint (o di ba? ubod lang ng lapit ng SM sa amin?!) – I first went to National Bookstore and bought myself a Planner, a few magazines and one rim of mimeo paper (instead of bond paper) and take note, I bought the green one! 😆 Para lang naman sa quotations, billing confirmations, etc… All work related actually. Oh! And by the way, I wasn’t able to buy Daily Planner at National Bookstore, di ko na kasi feel yung mga stocks nila. I tried SM Department Store… I found one there. I was paying na, when the cashier told me that I already have 500+ points on my SM Advantage Card. So there, instead of using mg plastic, they charged it na lang sa Advantage Card ko! At may silbi naman pala yung card na yun!Then, GROCERY na! I bought a few stuffs for my puppy love, BABOO! 😛 I bought her a handy pet toy, a leash and a can Alpo flavored beef and liver. Baboo and Sushi shared, of course! And then I bought:

  • 2 dozen Ariel Ultramatic
  • 2 dozen Downy Fabric Softener (baby powder scent huh?) 😉
  • 2 dozen Sunsilk Summer Fresh Conditioner
  • 1 dozen Sunsilk Damage Repair Conditioner
  • 2 Eskinol Dermaclear-C
  • 2 big Oracare Mouthwash
  • 1 big Colgate Toothpaste
  • 1 liter Bathroom Duck – I haven’t told ya guys how I love cleaning bathrooms! I want a clean bathroom talaga. Iba ba ang pakiramdam kapag malinis ang palikuran mo 😉
  • 2 packs Cuddles Paper Stem Cotton Buds
  • 2 packs Cuddles Cotton Squares
  • 1 Nivea Deo Spray
  • I bought a lot of nonesense stuffs that costs me a lot!!! And the worst part!!! 😆 I asked my cousin Bane, if she still has a few bucks so we can go home. I have a 500 in my pocket. She has 1.50 — so, we decided to dine in at Greenwich… CLOSED! We went third floor and checked McDonalds… CLOSED! We tried the lobby, for Pizzahut… CLOSED! Hmmm, not a sign of goodluck then… We stood outside the mall for a while. I checked my bag, my coin purse, NONE! 😯 All I have are a pack of cigarettes, lighter, and some mints! So it’s like going to a war, UNARMED!!! 😆

    So, why am I blogging about my stupidity?! 😈

    For each and everyone of us to check our purse first if we have a penny on our way back home from some place. Coz we can go anywhere else but once we shopped and bought a lot, we can’t be 100% sure if we still spare ourselves a penny…
    For us to be more careful than careless! Coz it’s hard out there, standing and feeling like a lost child waiting for their moms to find them and takes them home…
    It’s more like being a soldier on a war, unarmed (ulitin ko pa daw ba?)

    In a while, we’ll be leaving for Laguna Bel-Air… I know I’ve made an early commitments… But I can’t turn my backs to my family now… It’ll be my first time spending few precious times with my family on my mother side. My friends Jen and Marge (or even Gee) most pro’ly will hate me for this! Especially Jen… The first time that we are supposed to see each other were rescheduled because of an event I’ve had with Orange & Lemons. The second was, postponed because I lost 25k. And now, this!? I dunno… If they happen to read this, “I’M SO SORRY… Babawi ako! (sa uulitin)” – I’ll also have my “going away party for my “magic” friend Rona on Monday, and that for sure will not materialize either coz I’ll still be at Laguna. My friend Rona, will be leaving for Canada on Wednesday and — I dunno! I’m all messed up now!!! 😥

    I’m such A MESS!!!



      beekee wrote @

    mmm… shopping is goood. =)) i replied to your comment in my haloscan…checkitawt. hahah.

    ang ganda kaya ng blog mo!!!

    that’s ok, i’m a mess too. =D

      micamyx wrote @

    honestly wala din akong alam masyado sa CSS IT pa man din course ko :p

      geexie wrote @

    hahaha… okay lang ate mats… i understand… we can’t resist our fams aight? ako din eh, dami ako dapat commitments kaya lang, family first… i should prioritize then in this season , pambawi sa aking mga busy-busihan moments… haha

    pero xempre, dba? dapat may time tau for each other… kelan na? hehehe

      REX wrote @

    SHOPPING is the 2nd most therapeutical activity for me.

    EATING is 1st. haha!

    Sana lang madami tayong pera ano?!

      andianka wrote @

    huwaaaat?! nasan yung comment ko? naligaw? anyway, wla ako hilig sa shopping. wag din sana akong matuto dahil madali me maaddict sa mga ganyan. lalong patay ang aking budget. nyahaha!

      jedd wrote @

    buti ka pa may pang shopping. ahihi.

      mats wrote @

    Hi BEEKEE!! 😀

    sorry, didn’t get the chance to reply asap. am not home kasi eh… nakikigulo lang ako sa house ng tito ko. 😥
    okay, iL check it now! 😛

      mats wrote @

    oh and beekee, thanks naman sa sinabi mo… naFlatter na naman ako… yours is prettier 😉

    sige na nga! lahat ng blogs natin, magaganda! 😛

      mats wrote @

    MICA, basta kapag natuto ka, TURUAN mo ako ah! 😉

      mats wrote @

    GEE, thanks much for your USUAL understanding… grabeh! isang linggo ata kami dito plus the fact na pang 3 days lang baon kong damit! walang landline, walang signal ang GLOBE!!! 😈

    ayala land real estate tapos walang signal! pakshet!!! di ko kakayanin!!! 😥

    iL let you know when.. nabayaran ko na din iba ko utang, pero yung iba na mabigat talaga, di pa din… kailangan pa magKAYOD-KAYOD!!! 😉

      mats wrote @

    REX!!! i agree! SHOPPING’s THERAPEUTIC talaga!

    how i wish lang na lahat ng tao, maraming pera, and mabili natin lahat ng gusto natin!

    EATING, walang tatalo, ilang days palang ako dito sa Laguna, at mukhang KAINAN FESTIVE meron dito..

      mats wrote @

    ANKA, oh well, ako naman nabawasan na ang kaADIKAN ko sa SHOPPING…

    pero minsan, nangangati talampakan ko at gusto ko talaga gumala at mamili… ngayon NO CHOICE ako… wala talaga eh… kaya eto bahala na si BATMAN… 😉

      mats wrote @

    JEDD, wala ngang pangShopping ngayon eh HAHA!

      marge wrote @

    wow! gumastos online! saludo ako sayo ate mats! at nag habol sa mall ng 8:24pm huwaw!

      mats wrote @

    HAHA!!! it’s for my blog din naman…

    yun nga lang, i dunno much about css, kahit nag purchase ako online… yun lang kinaya ng plastic ko eh 😉

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