6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence



Do you cause others to go weak-in-the-knees in a not-so-good way?

A question that made me curious in some way last night… Maybe, because I find myself a real snob most of the times that caused people to get intimidated by me…

Am I daunting to deal with?

To begin with, I asked myself “how do I break the news (granting) that I just bought (this) new place to a pal who can barely pay his/her bills? – I say my attitude is, I pick up a time when I can sense he/she’s doing well, and then I’ll tell him/her. I’m not the type who would share “ALL THE DETAILS” ASAP… And I’d rather not hide it… Of course, I would like to tell my friend about it, but in due time… If I tell him/her about it, there’s no use to rub his/her face in it…

My friend and I start chatting with this cute guy and realize we both want him. Later, I’ll say: “I’m sure he’ll like you more” – Not that I have this low self-esteem, but I’m not the type who’s so oozing with sex appeal who will get everyone’s attention because of good looks and the likes. I also have inferiority complex. And I don’t have the guts to say, “Oh, I don’t think you’re his type.” or “May the luckiest girl win.”

I once came to point where I think of someone I’m slimmer than. And a friend asked me what I’d say when that person says “You’re so thin” – I’d answer (and as to what I’ve observed about me), “Well, you have great boobs, girl.” I dunno… But I always look for some thing that someone has and should flaunt… I don’t want them to be LIKE me… I can’t say “Being skinny isn’t that great.” coz I never was! And never did! 😆 or “I know! It’s my metabolism!” How I wish that is my metabolism. The type of girl who could eat everthing and anything without gaining too much weight!!! 😉

“Lakas talaga ng dating mo!” – The best compliment another girl could give me!!! It really is flattering to the heart and of course, ears… It gives me this great feeling, that I can say, I feel better and I look just fine…

I once dealt with this promising new employee at work… I can proudly say that, I was never the type of person who acts like his/her BFF and cover for her when she’s in a jam. I’m not mean, alright? I just don’t want other people thinking that I may be insisting myself too much from one person just to get somebody’s attention. I AM ACCESSIBLE.. Within limits… But, I was never the type who won’t let newbies surpass me. I am very much willing to teach them everything I knew of… I’ve always love to share, and will forever be… I’m not selfish who wants to get all the praises and stuffs…

Year ago, I was with my new guy at a bar and noticed his ex giving me this bitchy tiger eyes. I was about to go to the bathroom and freak out, but instead I stared right back at her… but smiled so she knows I’m onto her game. I mean, why give me that tiger look? HAHA! She shouldn’t have left him… 😉

My mom used to tell me to surround myself with intellectual persons… WHY? Para daw mahawa ako! Dang! Is it obvious that – I’m “NOT” 😆 It’s fine with with me… I’m the average type. I’d rather be myself that be someone I’m not. 🙂 I’d rather surround myself with WOMEN WHO ARE MY EQUALS…

Every year, I threw a singles only party with my friends. Usually heald during my birthday. MAY 24!!! 😉 And some girlfriends asks me what to wear… I’m not the type who says, “I am dressing casually, then get totally decked out so I’ll look better” – I’m the type who says “THINK SEXY.” Coz I know in that way I am not giving away my killer outfit but everyone else will feel good,too. Sometimes, I also offer them my sexy best outfits… (Okay, that was before, coz I’m not sexy or called va-va-voom anymore…) 😥

So I started tuning in to other people’s body language; coz I may not even realize I am icing people out. I found out that I’m a SELF-ASSURED ALLY. That I simultaneously project openness and command respect. I make myself accessible to underlings at work but not to the point where they forget I am the boss. If I spot a woman staring me down, I stare back… But of course, smile to neutralize her cattiness.

In addition, I am tuned in to others. I always consider who the other woman I am talking to is and try to keep a balance of power in the conversation. When I get a compliment (you’re so slim!) I accept it but make sure to give one back (great boobs, girl) so the other person feels terrific too.

I can say I’m confident enough about myself that I don’t need to make other women feel insecure to prove it.

So, there’s no need for others to get intimidated by how I look or by me (alone)… I’m harmless… I don’t bite… You’ll all love me as ME… Nothing more, nothing less… 😉



  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

hi mats. thanks for droppin’ by at the PinoyBlogosphere.Com

by the way, i’ve added this post at the PinoyBlogosphere.Net


i hope to see you more often at the PBS Group Blog. sana join ka din don 🙂 tsaka pati na rin sa Mailing List at sa Ranking. ciao!

  mats wrote @

oo nga eh! thanks din pala… 🙂

di ko alam pagJoin sa Ranking eh. haha!

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

ganon ba. register ka muna dito… http://ranking.pinoyblogosphere.com/ tapos after mag-register may code na dapat mong ilagay dito sa blog mo. ilagay mo na lang yung code kung san mo nilagay yung “I heart PBS” na chicklet 😉 yun lang. just let me know pag magkaproblema ka.

  mats wrote @

thanks much po! 🙂
really appreciate your help… 🙂

  andianka wrote @

harmless…that for me is an insult.haha! (after someone used it to describe me, a used to be friend to be exact) her phrase went, you’d think she’s harmless. wahahah! it’s not my fault i have that innocense kiddie aura bcoz im THIN! and small… petite (for ego trip). : )

sometimes we really can’t control what others may think of us. its not our fault that they see us differently. its up to them to do the math really. hahaha!

and that’s my style too.. to even out a catty look with my “innocent sweet” kuno smile. gets their veins all pumped up with annoyance. oh well.. not our lost. haha!

  mats wrote @

HAHA!!! iba talaga tayo! soul sistahs talaga!!!

musta naman ang holy week mo? ako eto, i’m watching PBB lang naman and ito, blogging pa din… 😉

  links for 2007-04-06 « PinoyBlurker wrote @

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  andianka wrote @

uy… pano ba ‘tong mybloglog…inis ako. automatic cya pumapasok sa recent readers… d na ko makakapag-espiya. nayhahaha! 😀

bored din kaya bloghop to the max. 🙂

  links for 2007-04-06 « Pinoy Blogosphere wrote @

[…] Intimidating? « 6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E […]

  PinoyBlurker » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-06 wrote @

[…] Intimidating? « 6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E […]

  mats wrote @


at nag eespiya ka pala!!! nagising naman ang aking tulog na utak doon at natawa! 🙂

blog hop na lang din muna ako! gusto ko ng ex links! tama nga ba? windang na naman ako eh… 😉

  andianka wrote @

hehehe.. yeah… yung nagsabi saking harmless… binabantayan ko entry’s… mahilig yun mag blind item eh. ahahaha! para masaya naman mbasa ko kaepalang ginagawa ko sa buhay nya. (without me doing any action ha!) wahahha!

  mats wrote @

HAHA!!! sino ba ang ineespiya-han mo?

gusto ko din siyang bantayan!!! muahaha!

sa sobrang kabatuhan sa bahay namin, di ko malaman ang gagawin ko… nakailang cup ng coffee na ako… naka 3 stick na din ako ng lights menthol!!! HAHA!!!

  andianka wrote @

waha! ako naespiya…she just came over my blog. oh im loving mybloglog na…she came after you did…please don’t mention anything. im playing the sweet girlie smile who doesnt care what she says. for now tahimik naman sya and all that. wahehehe! ayoko lang magmukhkang ako nanaman nagsimula. you know… the blame game. ehehehhee! saya!

  mats wrote @

muahaha!!! pm me her link… HAHA

at nagbabalak din ako! gawsh!!! gusto ko na din mag espiya!!!

  andianka wrote @

wait lang…alanganin…if she visits your site she’ll see your page and read this comments! nyahahaha! 🙂

  mats wrote @


forget it! 🙂

anyway, just finished dinner! i have a new entry, pero di ko pa post… later na siguro… 😉

  andianka wrote @

hahaha! maybe next time pag natabunan mo na ‘to…

wahahahhahah! 😀

  mats wrote @


para tayong ate luds dito!


  andianka wrote @

oo nga… lakas sa trip! wala lang… im harmless naman. katuwaan ko lang yun. as if naman may gagawin ako noh!

  mats wrote @


para namang may magagawa di ba? wala lang, pwede naman she inspires you, di ba?


  andianka wrote @

oh yes… very inspiring… 😀

  mats wrote @


i wanna see her inspiring site din! 😛

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