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Aniston or Jolie?

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie seem day-and-night different, but Brad Pitt fell for both. I am now trying to figure who I most resemble, read on guys. It’s not obvious as you think.

The hottest guy in Hollywood made a headline-grabbing switch from sweetheart Jennifer Aniston to seductress Angelina Jolie, just every chick on earth seemed to take it personally. Come one on! Any woman who’s ever been dumped can sympathize with the plight of poor jilted Jen. And yet, as much as I want to hate the heart-snatching Jolie, I have to admit that her übersexuality and self-confidence combined with her sincere efforts to save the world are actually totally intriguing.

Aniston and Jolie each depict or typify a different aspect and exposure of modern femininity today: The former is thought as the caring, sensitive girl-next-door type, while the latter is viewed as being an assertive, powerful superwoman. And while every girl most likely has a bit of each of them in her, chances are, we possess more qualities of one woman than we do of the other.

I vowed allegiance to Team Aniston actually. But in some sort, I was a bit afraid coz I might learn that the actress I am rooting for is not the one I’m most similar to. I’m actually afraid to flip the cards and find out all about the underlying personalities behind their pretty faces.

I was once asked… What if I get a job offer that’s going to take me abroad. What should I do about my boyfriend (if ever I have) of course I responded with a cool, I’ll explain the situation to my man and tell him that he’s welcome if he chooses to come along, “but” he has to want it for himself… *takes a deep breath* Whoo!! Hard for me to say that actually.

I believe that the best way to connect with a guy is to spend the day with him lounging around the house together: cuddling, reading the paper, having sweet and private moments. For me, a relationship is at its best when both of us can just hang out and be ourselves.

Someone asked me about breakups and what I’m most likely to do… Well, actually… *smiles* Seriously, I curl up with a bottle of wine, cry my eyes out and reflect. For me the only way to move forward is to deal with my pain, HEAD-ON. Otherwise, it will just build up and smack me in the butt down the road.

I saw this unknown old lady years ago. That time I witnessed a teen stealing her bag before taking off down the street I decided to help her out. I know she’s scared and shaken up, I just don’t want to leave her alone like that. *whispers* And for the road, I’m not the type of lady who’ll go after the bag snatcher eh… I’d rather be with the old lady than run after and nab the bastard.

Finally, I am able to get the pet I’ve been saving up for! I’ll get myself a PUPPY (of course). I love how dogs are protective, loyal and loving. Plus, they are GREAT COMPANIONS!!!

YAY!!! I knew it! I’ve loved Aniston since FRIENDS! I have the complete DVD collection of it actually. She’s far different from JOLIE. I liked Jolie from Tomb Raider, Original Sin and Gone In 60 Seconds, but her other flicks… alright… Not much really. I hate her for being with Pitt now!!! 😈

Okay! I’m a JEN! There’s a reason why I preferred pet is a dog. I’m a people-pleaser who values love and affection. And just like man’s bestfriend, I am loyal to those I love and care about my gal pals. “They gather around. They hear the call and they’re right there.”

In addition to my sweetness, I’m analytical and I like getting to the heart of what people are about. “I look for people in every encounter.” That’s why I’d rather spend the day hanging with my man, getting inside his head.

Ironically, eventhough I’m introspective, my sensitivity makes it hard for me to handle emotional pain. As a result, I deal with break up by focusing on how to get over it and move on.

So Aniston of or Jolie?

I AM JENNIFER ANISTON… Love me or hate me… That’s who I am! 😆



  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

hi jen 🙂

  mats wrote @

hi Dyu! 😉

  REX wrote @

haha! wala ako masabi, you’re a Jennifer Aniston pala ha! hehe!

ako kaya.. Am I a Chris Evans or an Orlando Bloom? Bwahaha.. As if naman nasa kalingkingan ako ng kagwapuhan nila.

Seriously though. Im for Jen. Syempre, dahil sa Friends, hehe. Jolie is not as sexy or beautiful for me. Okay fine, on paper, sexy siya. But I am not attracted as much. Tsaka ayoko ng mga homewrecker. Haha! =)

  mats wrote @

huwaw!!! well, parehas pala tayo! 😉

ikaw? i’ll let you know kung alin ka between Chris Evans and Orlando Bloom… Kahit wala ka sa kalingkingan ng kagwapuhan nila, it doesn’t matter… Nasa personality yun!!

I’m for Jen too! Because her being Rachel Greene! HEHE. Yeah, Jolie’s hot, sexy but — idk! i just don’t feel like “BEING” her!!! i know pwede niya pa ipagpalit sa babae si Brad Pitt… Wag niya gawin yun, dahil ako ang sasalo! muahaha!! =P

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  fatiha wrote @

hi yeah am also in team aniston cos thats were i belong.

  mats wrote @

cool girl!!!


and FATIHA, thanks for dropping by here 🙂

  Prinsipe Langaw wrote @

angelina jolie?? wooh.

  mats wrote @

okay, JOLIE’s yours for now… haha! thanks for dropping by here 🙂

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