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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

Last night was such a blast! Sometimes, you can say that IT IS, without knowing the reasons… Well, that’s exactly how and what I felt. I guess, because I’ve met a few peeps and made friends with some of them. Friends aren’t really found in a place where you really are… Sometimes they just come and most especially lives to leave footprints on your heart.That’s how miracle of frienship friendship works. Like what I learned from the movie Charlotte’s Web:

That it is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer…

I still have Wilbur (voice of Dominic Scott Kay) in my thoughts… In the movie he’s the runt of a litter of pigs. On the movie, it was Fern (Dakota Fanning) who saved Wilbur. Fern’s dad was about to take Wilbur’s life and explained to Fern that a pig has only 10 teats to save room for one more. Fern told her dad that it’s not so bad to be born like that… The smallest from a litter of pigs… That what if she were born small, will he take his life too… Fern called his slaughter a terrible injustice. Fern, promised her dad that she will feed the pig and take care of it.

Time came that Wilbur is getting too big for the house, Fern decided to take her accross across the road and live in her Uncle’s barn. That’s where Wilbur met Charlotte (voice of Julia Roberts), the spider. The other animals sees and judges Wilbur as just another ordinary pig, with a pig’s ordinary destiny — CHRISTMAS DINNER… But Charlotter Charlotte, which lives inside the barn door, sees that Wilbur is special, because he is who he is. And to show her esteem for her new friend, she spinned words in her web that described how she sees Wilbur: “some pig!”, “terrific”, “radiant” with Templeton’s (Steve Buscemi’s voice) help and “humble.” And because of Wilbur’s respect for Charlotte helped the other animals to see her as a beautiful creation, rather than a creature to feared, a hideous creature.

Charlotte gave her life for her offspring and Wilbur, to save him forever from becoming Christmas Dinner. The story will teach all of us about dignity, FRIENDSHIP, about what’s in a name, on keeping our promises and seeing and appreaciating the miracle of an ordinary life.

The story for me carries a wonderful theme of respect for life. From the begininng beginning, lives were defended. Fern rushed to his rescue when Wilbur is to be slaughtered. Fern valiantly pleads for the runt’s life. She was brave to protect Wilbur. Fern really stands up for what she believes in. That takes a lot of courage…

The movie for me was a bit of a tear-jerker. I’ve always adored and loved animals. I have a lot (and when I say a lot, I mean “A LOT” of dogs and puppies) just the thought of giving one away makes me feel bad and cry… Charlotte’s Web made me cry (I know, call me shallow) – once I learned to love someone (whatever it may be) it’s just hard for me to give it away, and that’s what I felt when Fern decided to put Wilbur in the barn… This movie taught me more about FRIENDSHIP… How a small spider from the above could help a pig and show each and everyone tha the true value of friendship… 🙂



  Jhed wrote @

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but based from your review.. it’s soo cute. Hehe.

In fact, it’s too cute for me. LOL. Yeah, I’m not really the cutesy type. LOL.

Thanks for visiting my site. 😀

  mats wrote @

Hi. It really is cute! Not to mention the entertaining animals that converse there! 🙂

Cutesy or not, it doesn’t matter really.

Thanks for visiting too 🙂

  chase wrote @

i read the book before and I am looking forward to watch the movie.

  mats wrote @

you should watch it… thanks for dropping by Chase. 🙂

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

hmmm. nde ko na kelangan panoorin. nkwento mo na eh hehe 😀

  mats wrote @

hehehe! pwede ko din na ikwento lahat dito! as in!!! 😛

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

hala. wag!!! spoiler!!!
dyuk dyuk dyuk hehe

  mats wrote @

okay fine!!! 😛

di ko din feel iKwento eh… 😛

  andianka wrote @

wow! im a big fan of that talented kid, dakota fanning. how come i never heard of this movie? and may book pa! asan yan?! ehehe…

nice plot ha! nakarelate ako sa friendship. kaso yung pig naiimagine ko si babe. wahehe! 😀

  mats wrote @

DAKOTA FANNING! awesome child actress!!! very versatile 🙂

hahaha! oo, imaginine mo na si BABE, parehas lang sila na PIG. pero, watch it! it’s AWESOME!! 😀

anything about friendship talaga! 🙂

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

asus… di mo feel? kanina lang muntik mo na maikwento eh.

eto oh:

pwede ko din na ikwento lahat dito! as in!!!

ayan! oh ano?! ha?!

bwahahahhahahaha. mukhang nang-aaway na ba? hehe. yung ibang blogs na may mga nagaaway eh bumebenta eh. baka sakaling mbenta rin dito 😀 *lol

  links for 2007-04-09 « PinoyBlurker wrote @

[…] Charlotte’s Web « 6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E […]

  PinoyBlurker » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-09 wrote @

[…] Charlotte’s Web « 6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E […]

  mats wrote @

ang DYUbang mo DYU!!! buset! 😛

okay, oo kanina, pero now! di ko na feel!!!

😛 BLEHHHH!!! 😛

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

abah at pabago bago na isip mo ngayon ha. wag ganon. panindigan mo!

ayos ba? hahaha. 😀

  mats wrote @

hindi! anu bang hanap mo?

AMOK ba? 😈

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

wala sa mga yan hanap ko!?!!?!?!?!

gusto ko lang ng hits. more hits. linkbacks. high traffic. link exchange. at kung ano ano pang magpapataas ng pagerank 😀 kaya sige tuloy lang. *lol 😀

  mats wrote @

iba ka talaga eh!!!
paKiss na lang!

DYUk lang 😉

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @


  mats wrote @

uyyy,,, nag GRIN naman sya… 😀

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

wahahaha. may pauy uy uy ka pang nalalaman dyan ah. weeeeeeeeeeeee hahaha

  mats wrote @

eh ano naman ang gusto moh…

sino ba usapan dito yung spidey or yung baboy na si Wilbur? :O 😈

  SELaplana wrote @

i really love movies like this. wish to watch this too.

  angelblush wrote @

nice review.. its on my must-see list. hehe.

  mats wrote @

SELaplana > yeah, movies like that are inspiring… i hope you could watch it SOON…

  mats wrote @

angelblush > and it’s not just a NICE movie… you MUST see it too. hehe

  Ann wrote @

I haven’t seen Charlotte’s Web yet but it sounds like something I’d like to see 🙂

  mats wrote @

You should see it, ANN… 🙂

  andianka wrote @

may nagcomment sa latest entry ko ng puro mura…hmmm…whahaha! i wonder why. oh well… pano ko kaya matatandaang mapanood ‘to. shocks! memory gap pa naman ako!

  mats wrote @

WTF?! sa new entry mo? may nagcomment ng mura? gawsh!!!

iL remind you… 🙂 for me, it’s A-MUST-SEE-MOVIE… 😉

  jay wrote @

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. 😉 link kita, ha. sana okay lang po. 😉

  mats wrote @

hi JAY! thanks for dropping a line here din!

okay. iL return the favor for you 🙂

  beekee wrote @

dakota fanning is amazing. ui nalink na kita. sorry hah. i forgot about it. Xp sorry talaga.

  mats wrote @


if could turn back the hands of time, i wanna be like DAKOTA talaga… kaya lang, too late na eh. 😥

okay lang noh… naglalambing lang ako 😉

  andianka wrote @

binura ko na yung murang comment… nyahaha! mura! hindi mahal. o well… ngayon ko lang narealize kung bakit mura. dahil walang pagmamahal. shocks! may topak ako.

anyway, hoy! grab ka na opportunity sa payperpost! medyo madami competition, pero pag nakapag post ka naman at naapprove masaya na din. they’ll be paying me $7.50 for reviewing a post. ang saya. kakarampot pero okay na din. try mo… 😀

  mats wrote @

oo nga! MURA!!! as in nagMURA… bad words… 😛

wow!!! you mean magReview ako ng story, tapos they’re going to pay me?!

at saan ako makakaDagit ng story?

  andianka wrote @

review ka ng blog… like dun sakin check mo, tutal dun ka din naman narefer diba? tpos pag nag log in ka sa payperpost may mga pipilian kang opportunities na pwedeng pagpilian. yun nga lang dapat mabilis ka at madalas bumisita kasi mahina pa ranking natin kaya pili lang pwedeng masulat.

  mats wrote @

ganun ba?
for example review ko entry mo? tapos saan ko review, click ko yung sa P3 (payperpost)?

tapos? lemme know!!! i can’t wait!

san ka kumuha ng review mo na entry?

  andianka wrote @

try mo kaya mag login sa payperpost tpos check mo kung anong opportunities pwede mo write about… if not, meron ako nilagay na ‘get paid to review my post’ sa recent entry ko. kaso parang ang bagal magload eh. basta ganun, tapos gagawa ka ng entry about my blog/post at ilalagay mo yung url ng entry mo sa payperpost account mo.

(sa entry mo make sure na may disclosure badge or similar ‘review my post icon’ at this is sponsored by churva churva)

  mats wrote @

oo, naTry ko na magLog in there before…

yung iba ko may ganun eh! 🙂 yung badge! 😀

  andianka wrote @

nagsshow ang disclosure badge syo? sakin hindi eh.. hahaha! at mukhang may prob yung link na pinabago nila ngayon. anyways, yun pa lang naman na review my post ang na-achieve ko. hehe.. sa ibang opportunity laging puno na kaya dko na matake. try and try lang…

  mats wrote @

haha!!! ikaw pa!!!

ako din, i an’t wait na!!! 😀

thanks much ha, Anka! 🙂

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

ehem. usapang dolyar na ba yan 🙂 pa-ambon naman dyan hehe

  mats wrote @

DYU! oo dolyaran na dito! kaya lang, si ANKA pa lang eh 😥

  andianka wrote @

d ako makaconnect sa ym at geesee ah, pati payperpost… mahina siguro connection ko.. hi dyu! ano ‘to? extension ng chatroom ng pnoyblogsphere?wahehe! visit mo blog ko dyu ng malaman mo pinaguusapan namin.

  mats wrote @

HAHAHA!!! ang daya ANKA!!! gusto ko na din kumita!!! 😥 😆

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

naks naman. yan ang attitude! gusto gusto gusto! hanep sa motivation hehe.

buti pa ang mga duling… doble kita 😀
kawawang mga bulag… wala kita 😦

  mats wrote @


chingkit ako?! pano niyan, eh di LIIT kita ko? 😛 waaaahhh!!! loko ka DYU!

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

haha la ako sinabi ng ganyan. tingin nga ng mata mo 😀

…ay onga noh. bwahaha. dyukdyuk

chinay ka na ting?

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

teka teka… nawala na naman tayo sa topic. tsk tsk tsk. balik tayo sa usapang charlotte at ang kanyang web 😀 san ba makakadownload ng full movie nyan? *lol. go piracy! haha. dyuk lang 😀

  mats wrote @

di ako chinay! mukha lang chinay! 😛

sa limewire try moh… 😉

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

ay yoko don.. dami tripX don. allergic ako don eh hahaha 😀 tingin na lang ako ng debede debede hehe.

nalalayo na naman tayo sa topic. balik tayo kay charlotte. si charlotte ba chinay? 😀 *lol

  mats wrote @

oo, yung akin, pirated DEBEDE lang eh…
di ko lang alam kung pede ko iGrab at send syo… 😛

si charlotte? hindi, CHIMAK siya!!! 😆

  andianka wrote @

bat nga ba dito nagchachat?
ako din gusto ko mapanood yan. teka, ibig mong sabihin di cya isa sa mga coming soon or something? old movie sya?

  mats wrote @

HAHA!! oo nga eh… extension ata ito na geesee eh! 😛

hindi ko din alam! basta ang alam ko, meron ako DEBEDE copy nun! 😆


  andianka wrote @

ang daya mo!!! 😀

  mats wrote @

cge, iL see what i can do later (pagkagising ko)
tignan ko kung pwede ko iGrab dito sa PC. tapos kung maiSend ko sa inyo 😉

ayos ba? 🙂

  andianka wrote @

hello..send?kalaking file nun…pano mo isesend?may limit sa yahoo dba?wahehehe! argh! pano kaya?

  mats wrote @

eh di sa CD tapos LBC 😛

  cars wrote @

LOL, i have to be frank in saying that I skipped your entry, sorry. It seems to contain spoilers… and I’m planning on watching that movie. LOL. Sorry, I just really really hate reading spoilers. =)

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

wahahaha spoiler ka daw 😀 teka… lahat ba ng mga nagrereview ng mga movies eh spoiler? kse kinukwento na rin nila yung plot di ba? hmmm. ewan ko lang ha. ganon nga kaya yun?
ah basta. yun na yun. review na kung review. spoiler na kung spoiler. ah basta *lol haha

just keep on reviewing movies ms ting 😉

  mats wrote @

Sorry CARS, I just relayed whatever it is that I’ve seen and watched and how much I appreciated the movie…

thanks though for saying how much you hate reading “SPOILERS” like what I wrote here… i guess, it’s not a NEW movie actually… 😉

anyway, thanks for droppin by here Cars 🙂

  mats wrote @

hi DYU. i don’t think so… in some case – i think “OO, spoiler…” pero yung movie na ito. old movie na din. 2006 pa ito napalabas sa America. ewan ko dito, nabili ko siya sa DEBEDE, DEBEDE, sabi di di da kabaguhan.

i don’t actually watch movies sa movie house actually. so di na siya bago sa pandinig ko. oh, btw, last night PRESTIGE ang pinanood ko.

i: write a review next time. maybe tomorrow, am a bit tired eh… 😉

thanks DYU for “still” dropping here… 😀

  andianka wrote @

naku…kung talagang desidido ka bang padalhan ako ng cd eh, why not?! id really love that. i watched music&lyrics plus dreamgirls the other day. pang musical ba?! haha!

hoy asan ka?! madami ko nakita opportunities sa payperpost… nakagawa nga ko ng dalawa eh. sinasabihan kita, offline ka pala. argh! anyway, sana maapprove yung post ko. hirap pag kelangan pang i-review eh. shocks! REVIEW ang word for the day. hehe! 😀

speaking of, next time gawa din ako movie review. wahehee! 😉

  jedd wrote @

indeed, Dakota Fanning is a child wonder. So wonderful it makes me wonder how she do it — acting, that is. During one of her interview, she looked more mature than any little girl I know, which made me a little sad but amazed at the same time. (Does this girl play tea in her room? heck, does she still play?) I haven’t watched it yet but your entry is noted. I don’t know what movie to watch eh. 🙂

  mats wrote @

hi ANKA! thanks naman sa mga follow up mo. just woke up and talaga namang, napuyat ako. 😆

last night nanood pa ako ng BLOOD DIAMOND. man, it was AWESOME! 😉

  mats wrote @

hi JEDD! the one were she plays tea in her room is UPTOWN GIRLS i think, with Brittany Murphy.

don’t worry, soon, you’ll finally decide on watch to watch 😉

  Prinsipe Langaw wrote @

how i wish i can see the movie.

  mats wrote @

hi there Prinsipe! 🙂
why not grab a copy of it and watch it with a friend… It’ll be cute 😉

  PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

sayang nde ako ang pang-69 na comment dito. tsk tsk. pang-70 na to eh 😦 waaaaahhh.

hahaha. musta na? dami comments ah.

ah basta ako kahit sangkatutak na spoiler ang mabasa ko, papanoorin ko pa rin ang movie basta maganda;)

so kumusta na si charlotte? eh yung web? 😀 sensya na ala magawa hahaha *lol

  mats wrote @

si Charlotte, she died… ganun pala ang spiders… Pagkatapos mag give birth, mamatay din…

muahaha! next movie review ko is either PRESTIGE of BLOOD DIAMOND… ang ganda sobra ng Blodd Diamond… I ended up in tears!!! 😥

69?! :O ikaw ah!!! 😛

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