6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E

Go On Over Girls Lool Existence

hot impression?

“this is why am hot! this is why am hot! this is why, this is why, this is why am hot!
i’m hot coz i’m fly, you ain’t coz you’re not…
this is why, this is why…

this is why i’m hot””

A new song that I found myself grooving in with and dance in! I would program my player to “repeat” just as to play it over and over… But one thing troubled me!!! AM I HOT? *shakes head* I doubt it…

I even asked myself this question: “Ting! When you meet someone new, are you even seen as instantly alluring?”

Damn! Am I asking too much for the obvious? Obvious that am not HOT or AM I?

Let’s just all find out… *winks*

I once had this job interview and I sensed that the male interviewer was “actually” tuning out, I asked him how he came to be such a key person at the company… Well I guess, there really are times that I become such a nosy parker… But, sometimes I just want to know stuffs… Maybe it could help me, you know.

I met my friend and her man at the movies and his yummy pal is along, you know what I told myself? “Coo, with all this eye candy, who needs to get movie snacks?” *lol* Well, I don’t want to hypocrite about it. Why should I hide some things, you know… When his yummy pal can actually get the movie snacks for us. And, I appreciate that we actually “shared”.

My friend once asked me which good night touch trick would I be most likely to use on a guy I just me? I was a little puzzled by the quessie (really!) but I responded with, “A quick kiss on his cheek” (I guess so, and I think it’s harmless… And I just so hope that the guys won’t turn his head that’ll accidentally draw our lips together… Coz damn! That would cause a spark! Haha!)

I encountered this fill in the blank some week ago which says,
“I know I’ve done well at a party if _____”

  • a. All the men were talking about me.
  • b. I didn’t embarass myself.
  • c. Two-plus people asked for my digits.
  • Just to be perfectly honest with you guys…

      “I know I’ve done well at a party if two-plus people asked for my digits.”

    – based on what field I am actually on right now, I’ve observed that a lot has been asking for my digits (really!) I actually provide Sounds, Lights, P.A. and Party Equipments, so if I organize or provide services for others and people say how wonderful and awesome service we have, that’s then how people started walking by my table and ask some details… Ain’t that cute?

    I remember last year, when my college friend had this bridal shower and frankly I don’t know some of her barkada. So to break the I said, “So what naughty things will we make the bride do at her bachelorette?” Coz, I know guys have stag party, and it’s her last night being single… Well, I am actually too good to be true, coz I don’t have any contacts of a male strippers or what, so what we did was party and dance the night away. Of course, I provided for her sounds and lights… So, more like we became a PARTY ANIMALS and get drunk!

    I was introduces to a dude, you know what I was thinking?
    “Do I have kangkong in my teeth?”
    Eww okay! that’s not it, I ‘m just having fun now…
    I was actually thinking of what fun or clever thing I’ll say next… I don’t want to end NONSENSE with a dude, people! I guess, it’s more proper than think that he probably wants to sleep with me right? *smiles and blushes*

    I now picture myself walking in a crowded beah beach party. I, WALK IN CONFIDENTLY WITH A SMILE… You know what I mean, stand tall and feel the cold breeze on my skin! It’s my favorite part of the year…

    Reminiscing and looking back… Meeting my ex-boyfriend’s parents, I’d wear, a low-cut top and a short skirt, or maybe a pants and flats… But NOT a classic dress for me… Or anything that will fit well… It’s actually his parents I am meeting not some friends of officemates… I have to look nice and show who I really am…

    A HOT IMPRESSION PRO, I am… Phew!!! So, that made me a master at making sizzling impact without leaving skid marks. I am able to enter a situation, whether it’s a job interview or a first date, and come away with people wanting to know more about me, and that’s what makes me a bit magnetic! *coughs* I am not… I guess, only when it comes to groups or cores, yeah I am… But not a guy magnet… *scoffs*

    Another wow-worthy trait I possess: INTUITION. I know how to pick up another people’s cues so your moves are appropriate to the situation. For example, I’ll be daring enough to toss out a naughty joke to a new group of girls at a bridal shower or compliment a random guy’s picks to warm him up to me (marvin gaye’s let’s get it on?! NAH!!! lol) – but if I hit dead air during an interview, I actually won’t fall back on the same sexy tactics. Instead, I’ll cleverly spark my interviewer’s interest by lobbing him a question that gets him talking about himself (most people’s fave subject).

    Bottomline: I know that creating a fab first connection means showing interest in others, then pulling back juuuust enough to get them intrigued.

    Now, I can say that when looking in a group of people, “I so know I can make them to notice me…” (not always, a’right?)

    Some facts prove the power of first impressions.
    Like 43% of people believe in love at first sight… Count PIOLO (this guy Catli who said he fell in love with me the first time he set eyes on me) in!
    85% of people say they know within the first date if they want to get better aquainted (count me in!)
    3 seconds are all we need to make a conclusion about a new guy! Whoa!

    Smile when we meet someone.
    A smile is the best aspect of a person’s looks.

    Finally, we’re most attracted to people who speak at our same speed…

    I’m NO “low-impact chick”… And I’m NO “BRAZEN BABE”… I’m somewhere in between… A HOT IMPRESSION Pro…



      utakGAGO wrote @

    Four words: that song’s very addicting. 🙂

      mats wrote @

    HAHA!!! i AGREE!!! 😀

      andianka wrote @

    tsaka na ko basa…dami gawa…nakikigulo lang ako for now… 😀

      mats wrote @

    wahaha!!! ganun? ang dayah naman!!! 😛

      PinoyBlogosphere.Com wrote @

    pwede paki-summarize. ang haba eh 😀 *lol. musta kayo?

      mats wrote @

    yabang ni DYU oh… MAGBASA kasi!!! 😈 gaya-gaya ka jan kay ANDIANKA eh 😛

    muahaha! ayos naman… ikaw, musta?

      marge wrote @

    woo! i love that song.. MIMS! this is why im hot.. gangstah lovin..

      mats wrote @

    HAHAHA!!! Sinabi mo pa!!! THIS IS WHY AM HOT!!! 😛

      geexie wrote @

    that song is sooooooo hot!!!!! love it! ;p

      mats wrote @

    hi sis!!! 😛

      Macnerdzcare wrote @

    nice song.. ok din pala yan..

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