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Calorie Counter

As part of good health, counting our daily calories is an important part of our plan in losing weight. Considering the calories and carbs is really a big part of many weight control diets and programs. It is undeniably true, that counting calories has always been a major pain in the neck! Not to mention that person involved has to find out the caloric and the carbohydrate values of the foods they have intake and and have eaten, but the dieter themselves would have to add up all the figures and go through process and calculations needed to convert the values from the portion sizes on the given chart to the amount they should really consume. That does not speak of discouraging task to find out the calorie value of foods in restaurants!

As we all know, a successful diet requires COMMITMENT. A simple calorie counter is actually a good start, but where really is the motivation? Now, since keeping the weight off is just as important, people need to dedicate themselves to a lifestyle based on HEALTHY EATING.

With the new HealthFitCounter (formerly known as Nutri Counter) all were made easy! It’s but a tiny machine – and it’s just a matter of pushing a few buttons that makes the task in counting calorie simple! Just enter what you consumed and the size of the portion you have eaten, and the HealthFit Calorie Counter does all the work.

It’s simple and easy and is vital to determining physical health. The results are viewable in many formats or methods, including daily, weekly, monthly or even an average over the number of days you specify. One great feature is that, not only does it count your calories – but it also tells how much carbohydrates (carbs), fat, cholesterol sodium, sugar, fiber and protein has been consumed. It also recognize how much saturated fat has been eaten out of the total fat!

Isn’t it interesting?

So, if you guys have problem eating in popular restaurants, WORRY NO MORE! Places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell are already programmed into NutriCounter’s Health-Fit Calorie Counter.

2,000 list of foods are actually inputted and programmed into the calorie counter, but chances are that one of our favorite food is not on the list, all you have to is type or enter data for that specific food and you’ll never have to reprogram that food’s data again.

HealthFitCounter is easy to use. It is handy and user-friendly. Its familiar calculator-like set up is very simple to master. Most informations can be accessed in only TWO button pushes away! You don’t have to spell the actual name of the food, 2 or 3 letters from it will do!

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY. Easy, flexible and portable!



  chase wrote @

I dont really it on fastfood here instead I go to restaurants who offer healthy food. God I need to be more serious with my weight loss agenda

  mats wrote @

serious with you weight loss agenda? wow!! i wish you the best! 🙂
thanks charles!

  chase wrote @

Yeah I am pretty serious!

  mats wrote @

sounds like, real time serious… hmmm… try south beach! haha!

  richard wrote @

yeah right it requires commitment.. i agree! nice post ate mats.. i’m also losing weight.. heheh.. thanks by the way. 🙂

  mats wrote @

thanks richard! 🙂

goodluck lovely guy! 😉

  angelblush wrote @

woot calorie counter? 😛

  mats wrote @

calorie counter? a gadget where you can actually watch and count the calories you’ve intake… it’s a food calculator, calorie calculator 🙂

  andianka wrote @

ano ‘to?payperpost?wahehehe… gulo ng layout ko!!!

  mats wrote @

eto?! OO sana, pero di pa ata approved yung first na entry ko for them eh…

anong layout mo? blogsite mo? 🙂

  PinoyBlurker » Blog Archive » links for 2007-04-13 wrote @

[…] Calorie Counter « 6 letters I have in mind about LIFE, G.O.O.G.L.E […]

  andianka wrote @

okay lang naman maraming post na ipapa-approve eh…

abangan mo may isa pa tayong aapplyan na parang payperpost din… nyahahaha! kunin na natin lahat! 😀

  mats wrote @

i mean, pwede ba mamili na dun, tapos take opportunity kahit di approved?

oo, lemme know huh… magkakaroon na ako ng bagong link… justemaristel.com
yan!!! iSave mo na… 😉

  andianka wrote @

ano na nangyari sayo? wala namang result site mo eh..puro folders. wahehehe! 😀

  mats wrote @

huh?! engots! 3 more days siguro… mura lang yan… refer kita kay Carol… 😉

kausap ko pa siya, baka Monday…

nangangailangan ako ng mga chillout music, yung mga pang Dinner… 😆 😥

  andianka wrote @

pangdinner? sitti! hahha! 😀

mura as in how mura?murahan ‘to…nyhahaha!

  mats wrote @

meron na ako Sitti! 🙂

pero sosyalan etchos ng mga maya daw at gusto dinner jazz, chillout, lounge… at kung anik anik pa… 😥

  andianka wrote @

hay nakow…
hirap nga yan…
tanong lang…
okay ba pag-view ng blog ko sayo? ano gamit mo IE or firefox?
hay! kulit ng layout koh!!!

  mats wrote @

HAHA!! naWiwindang na ako… 😥
pero ayos lang dahil bukas akin lang ang bahay!!! WHOO!!!

ang pagView sa blog mo? YEPS!!! 😀 ang galing ng layie mo ah! 😉

ngayon firefox… maya tignan ko din sa IE… 😉

  andianka wrote @

what do you mean okay? as in 3 columns sya? di bumababa yung mga posts ko? or nagsisigalawan pag lumiliit ang window? sabi kasi nun isang blogger kalahati lang ng entry ko nakikita nya… sakin naman pagnililiitan ko window eh nalalaglag sa ilalim yung mga post ko… wahehehe! 😀

  mats wrote @

okay siya!!! 😛

3 coulmns. di bumaba… ayos naman! walang nagsisigalawan o naglalaglagan…

muahahaha!!! 🙂

  andianka wrote @

ahahahha! bkit sakin oo..
nababaliw na ko kakaayos…
grabeh…kakaaddict na nakakapikon. whew!

  mats wrote @

hala!!! baka may sapi ang pc moh! 😆

hayaan mo lang, ano ba gamit mo? lahat naman ng movements ginawa ko, ayos naman… right aligned lang… yung extreme left, walang laman…


  andianka wrote @

oh well… magulo ang mga pc… hahaha!
bukas naman at magmamadali muna ko ng task ko. wehehehe!

  Ced wrote @

ano to, pang kumikitang kabuhayan na naman? haha. ako rin, been trying to watch how much i eat lately. nagsisikipan na kasi mga pantalon ko eh. and i’m not about to buy new ones. hehe.

  jeniffer wrote @

ahaha.. ako 2mataba na, siguro kakalapang ng pagkain at pagtulog.. or siguro puro calorie yun.. hahaha.. xmpre dumaan ang bakasyon eh..

  cars wrote @

LOL. I’ve been to sites that have this list of calories, fats, carbs etc on each food item and they have this calculator.. I said to myself that moment that I’ll resort to a healthy lifestyle with the aid of this “calculator”.. but you know what? that never happened. :))

  mats wrote @

hi CED, oo kumikitang kabuhayan na naman sya! actually I’M JUST ADVERTISING… yun lang.

wag ka bili ng new pants. 🙂 uso naman chubby ngayon eh! muahaha

  mats wrote @

hi JENNIFER! ang sarap kasing kumain eh 😉

and thanks for visiting my blogsite 🙂

  mats wrote @

hi CARS! 🙂

pinakaMgana talaga if people are counting calories, carbs and fats… SOUTH BEACH DIET.

  Ced wrote @

so im ‘in’ right now? how frikkin sad. haha.

  mats wrote @

oist! IN din ako noh! HAHA!

  PIC Microcontroller wrote @

calorie counter para sa mga chubby 🙂

  acnerdz wrote @

exercise pa rin ang da best

  Friendster Beauties wrote @

kailangan pa ba ang calorie counter? basta damihan na lang ang exercise.

  matanda-na-may-arthritis wrote @

cardio na workout da best

  suntrust business banking online wrote @

Curling Iron Coakley, GOING DOWN.

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