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I seldom watch Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 on Primetime. I don’t have a 24 hour live streams either. I just rely on what I’ll hear from my cousins inside our house about what’s happening inside Big Brother’s house. Last week, I was busy updating my accounts here online when I received a message from my cousin Bea who’s a college student in Far Eastern University… She was like, “Ate ting!!! Nanonood ka ba ng PBB? Kamukha mo si Bea!!!” To be honest, the housemates I only knew of are Ezekiel or Zeke, Wendy, Nel, Mickey, Saicy and Gee-Ann. The first 6 housemates who got inside the Big Brother’s house. I was was actually confused on Big Brother’s Management on what style they’re going to do for the launching of PBB Season 2.
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DO I MAKE YOU PROUD? final words for all-star pbbfg

Oh well… I thought we’ll not be asked for any FINAL WORDS for the Game… So there, we’re asked… *sighs*

Like what I’ve said on the last confession that I posted here entitled “all-star” I say that – WORDS ARE NOT enough to say how THANKFUL and GRATEFUL I am to be a part of the PBBFG not just once but TWICE… First that I would like to give my thanks with is JEN ALOJADO for she’s the one who registered me for the ALL-STAR… I wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for her… Secondly, I would like to thank BBK for the undying PATIENCE he gave me and the rest of the All-Star Virtual Housemates on the entire period of the game… BBK was the one who influenced each and everyone to know the value of unending PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE, CONCERN and AFFECTION towards the game and most especially along with the other Virtual Housemates that we’ll be spending time with inside the Virtual House for 100 days… Again, I’ll say that 100 DAYS isn’t enough to know a person deeply, but in this game, I’ve proved that 100 or less than a hundred days of stay inside the Virtual House has been enough for me TO KNOW “WHO” the REAL and REEL persons are INSIDE and OUT…

All-Star Pinoy Big Brother Fantasy Game will be noted as: WORTH REMEMBERING… For in this game, I was able to PROVE WHO and WHAT I REALLY AM… For some, they see me as the VILLAIN of the GAME – for others, I am a FRIEND and an INSPIRATION which inspired, influenced, moved and guided me to stay long enough and even named as the BIG WINNER of the GAME… Being a Virtual Housemate wasn’t easy for me – never been… But as long as you have “REAL FRIENDS” who’ll continue to inspire you, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE and a lot of THINGS do awaits you not just VIRTUALLY but, REAL LIFE so to speak…

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Am I?

I AM! Hahaha! Woke up 9pm tonight. I wasn’t able to catch up with friends online coz I have to sleep… I was like “up” for hours and it was so annoying (I gotta tell you) – it may be normal or a regular mode for me but earlier I felt not so myself and I just hate the silence inside the house…

Everybody’s out and the house is all by myself alone! Good thing, when I got on I saw that Paolo was online too. So as not to BORE myself I explored the “net” again. Too busy scanning and browsing every researches I’ve found regarding Cody, the greatest coder in the proboards security with seemingly endless pool of creativity in art coding life… I just suddenly felt the urge of  searching why he’s gone too soon. I just felt bad about him. Too young and such a great talent in him…

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