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Calorie Counter

As part of good health, counting our daily calories is an important part of our plan in losing weight. Considering the calories and carbs is really a big part of many weight control diets and programs. It is undeniably true, that counting calories has always been a major pain in the neck! Not to mention that person involved has to find out the caloric and the carbohydrate values of the foods they have intake and and have eaten, but the dieter themselves would have to add up all the figures and go through process and calculations needed to convert the values from the portion sizes on the given chart to the amount they should really consume. That does not speak of discouraging task to find out the calorie value of foods in restaurants!

As we all know, a successful diet requires COMMITMENT. A simple calorie counter is actually a good start, but where really is the motivation? Now, since keeping the weight off is just as important, people need to dedicate themselves to a lifestyle based on HEALTHY EATING.

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Roman Blinds

Summer’s back again. It is undeniable that a simple curtain especially when you dwell in a city is humid. Why I said so? Because it truly is. From curtains, I switched into blinds! It’s more economical (on fabric), convenient and roman shades are high-quality woven fabrics sculpted into soft and graceful contours.

But with Terry’s Fabric ROMAN Blinds on your home, it’s more convenient. It is more suited for personal comfort and in a situation like now (now that weather temperature is becoming hot). The custom-tailored look and plush feel of draperies are much more practical.

Roman shades or fabric shades, combine the beauty of fabric window treatments with the more easy operation Roman blinds. It has more functional look by just raising and lowering it by just pulling or releasing cords where cords basically glide through in the taped casings. Roman blinds are flat fold look when lowered were the fabric lays in gentle folds.

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