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Calorie Counter

As part of good health, counting our daily calories is an important part of our plan in losing weight. Considering the calories and carbs is really a big part of many weight control diets and programs. It is undeniably true, that counting calories has always been a major pain in the neck! Not to mention that person involved has to find out the caloric and the carbohydrate values of the foods they have intake and and have eaten, but the dieter themselves would have to add up all the figures and go through process and calculations needed to convert the values from the portion sizes on the given chart to the amount they should really consume. That does not speak of discouraging task to find out the calorie value of foods in restaurants!

As we all know, a successful diet requires COMMITMENT. A simple calorie counter is actually a good start, but where really is the motivation? Now, since keeping the weight off is just as important, people need to dedicate themselves to a lifestyle based on HEALTHY EATING.

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hot impression?

“this is why am hot! this is why am hot! this is why, this is why, this is why am hot!
i’m hot coz i’m fly, you ain’t coz you’re not…
this is why, this is why…

this is why i’m hot””

A new song that I found myself grooving in with and dance in! I would program my player to “repeat” just as to play it over and over… But one thing troubled me!!! AM I HOT? *shakes head* I doubt it…

I even asked myself this question: “Ting! When you meet someone new, are you even seen as instantly alluring?”

Damn! Am I asking too much for the obvious? Obvious that am not HOT or AM I?

Let’s just all find out… *winks*

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