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hot impression?

“this is why am hot! this is why am hot! this is why, this is why, this is why am hot!
i’m hot coz i’m fly, you ain’t coz you’re not…
this is why, this is why…

this is why i’m hot””

A new song that I found myself grooving in with and dance in! I would program my player to “repeat” just as to play it over and over… But one thing troubled me!!! AM I HOT? *shakes head* I doubt it…

I even asked myself this question: “Ting! When you meet someone new, are you even seen as instantly alluring?”

Damn! Am I asking too much for the obvious? Obvious that am not HOT or AM I?

Let’s just all find out… *winks*

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Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

Last night was such a blast! Sometimes, you can say that IT IS, without knowing the reasons… Well, that’s exactly how and what I felt. I guess, because I’ve met a few peeps and made friends with some of them. Friends aren’t really found in a place where you really are… Sometimes they just come and most especially lives to leave footprints on your heart.That’s how miracle of frienship friendship works. Like what I learned from the movie Charlotte’s Web:

That it is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer…

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earn money, FAST!!!

oneyAnything just to earn money! So, am I desperate trying everything just to earn? Hmmm… Not-so but close enough to be called as one.

I have a few stuffs on my widget, as you can see. Recently joined AGLOCO. If you’re interested in earning money online, feel free to join. A friend actually referred me, and I say… “There’s no harm in trying” – so why not try and register… Just click on the link 


 Then IPayPerPost tried  wherein you will also sign up but you’ll get to choose whick task you would most likely want to get involve with. 😉

It’s BlogToProfit that I first registered on actually. It’s real, I know it is… 🙂 I never stopped believing about anything… There’s no harm in trying, you know… Just click on the logo and it will direct you to the site and all you have to do is sign up and please do take note of my email address which is: niceneve18[at]yahoo.com as your referral. 😉

Thanks much. Let’s just all share love and spread love about this matter. Spreading the word and sharing stuffs that’s worth every bloggers pursuit of happiness…




Do you cause others to go weak-in-the-knees in a not-so-good way?

A question that made me curious in some way last night… Maybe, because I find myself a real snob most of the times that caused people to get intimidated by me…

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panty party!!!


I was watching TYRA BANKS Show this morning. Its theme was PANTY PARTY. So no wonder why it’s the title of entry too… I do collect a lot of cute and not so sexy undies actually… I dunno, but I have this passion for undies!!! I guess one of my SOP is to wearing a clean and pretty undie. It’s a big part of personal hygiene!!! Name it, I got it!!! HAHAHA! I don’t deny collecting stuffs eventhough I know I won’t be comfortable wearing it! I guess that’s part of my so-called UNDERWEAR personality…


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I seldom watch Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 on Primetime. I don’t have a 24 hour live streams either. I just rely on what I’ll hear from my cousins inside our house about what’s happening inside Big Brother’s house. Last week, I was busy updating my accounts here online when I received a message from my cousin Bea who’s a college student in Far Eastern University… She was like, “Ate ting!!! Nanonood ka ba ng PBB? Kamukha mo si Bea!!!” To be honest, the housemates I only knew of are Ezekiel or Zeke, Wendy, Nel, Mickey, Saicy and Gee-Ann. The first 6 housemates who got inside the Big Brother’s house. I was was actually confused on Big Brother’s Management on what style they’re going to do for the launching of PBB Season 2.
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Now’s Your TURN…

Commercial po muna… 😉

A fellow blogger is a nominee for BLOGGER’S CHOICE at the Philippine Blog Awards website… I would appreciate if you’ll all support him… I already voted for him and NOW’s YOUR TURN!!!

Vote for atheista.net at Philippine Blog Awards
(you can vote as long as you’re a blogger kahit inactive blogger ka pa).

I am serious! Haha! That’s all we could do for now…

Thanks much!